Mr. Stewart


Thanks for wanting to learn more about this site and its purpose.

The purpose of this web page is to provide students with an opportunity for on-going dialogue about classroom content as well as big ideas. Please use this blog as a way to communicate with your peers.

Some blogging norms, or rules of conduct are as follows:

1. Please, no last names, school names or addresses.

2. Do not link to your personal blog/journal from your school blog; you might reveal information on there that you don’t want to reveal on your school blog.
3. If you want to write your opinion on a topic, make sure you’re not going to be offensive to anyone as you write it.
4. Always make sure you check over your post for spelling errors, grammar errors, and your use of words.
5. Never disrespect someone else in your blog, whether it’s a person, an organization, or just a general idea. You don’t want someone making a stab at what you are passionate about; don’t do it to someone else.
6. Don’t write about other people without permission; if you can’t get their permission, use first names only. Never share someone else’s last name.
7. Watch your language! When you comment on this blog, from anywhere, you ARE at school. This includes relaxed and abbreviated language which you may use in a text message, or on your facebook/twitter accounts. Think of each post as an academic paper.
8. Make sure things you write about are factual. Don’t be posting about things that aren’t true.

9. Keep it education-oriented. That means that you probably shouldn’t discuss your plans for the weekend.

Who is the blog administrator?

Mr. Stewart is a social studies and language arts teacher and this is his fourth year in Colorado. On the weekends, you may find him and his family deep in the Colorado wilderness.