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Awesome Things!

Anne Frank, Elie Wiesel, and others we study who experienced the Holocaust all have one thing in common – they clung to the positive in the lowest moments in order to persevere. In your lowest moments, what are the simple things that can brighten your day? Take a look at the following blog:

1000 Awesome Things    < My suggestion would be to read 980 “Old Dangerous Playground Equipment” or 906 “Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream” for the inspiration and example.

Your writing assignment for the week is to write about something you think is awesome. You will be graded on originality. I know you can come up with something other than Snow Days. Think of things you love and can write a lot about! I’ll start us off.

170 Responses to “Awesome Things!”

  1. Matthew says:

    A packed theatre for a really funny movie on opening night:

    You have been seeing the previews for this film for months. You read up on the cast and production notes on IMDB. You freed your schedule and got a babysitter. You and your significant other and a group of friends have all pre-purchased tickets earlier in the week. It’s Friday night, just a little after 7:00, and your crew has made it into the theatre early enough to score the prime seats about ten rows up, dead center. One of your friends with a large purse has gone to a Target and bought a schmorgasboard of boxed candies. The lights dim; someone in the audience whoops, and the crowd laughs at him, because they all probably wanted to do the same thing. The previews are incredible, and you talk with your neighbors about the relative merits of each film, and whether you plan to see it in theaters or wait until it comes out on video (the TRUE test of a movie’s blockbuster capability).

    I absolutely love a packed theater on opening night. The audience is all there to have a good time. There are no assigned seats, so unless you are in a big group you will probably be next to someone you don’t know. If you don’t have to save seats for people, there is a joy in talking to those who wish to sit in your row.

    People used to dress up to go see a movie. Those in attendance for a double or triple feature on a Friday night were with the most important people in town. A highly anticipated show brings together a group of people who all care just as much for the film as you do. Most have gone through the same planning you have to see this movie first. There’s a feeling that those in the audience are all about to share an experience together.

    There’s a rhythm to the audience’s laughter. In these moments, I relish the eye contact I make with my neighbors. We are connected through this laughter, and that’s a beautiful thing.

    I often think that this theater is full of people that I might yell at when I am in my car, or stare angrily at the back of their heads if they are in front of me in a grocery store line. In so many moments of our public lives, we are in contention with those around us, but in these moments we laugh at something on the screen and forget about the hustle and bustle of life for a while.

    • Paige says:

      Sharing your ear buds with your friends:

      You plug your iPod into your doc just to make sure it gets charged and ready for the next day for school or work. You get so excited to have a fully charged iPod so you can make sure your music is just screaming all day. I get up then next morning all excited to grab my iPod, plug the ear buds and head off to have such a wonderful day! I get ready for the day and head out to school!

      I walk to my bus stop smiley and humming to myself in such beautiful weather. I walk onto my bus search for my iPod in my bag…. and it’s just not there!!! I get all upset almost like I was slammed into a brick wall by a diesel truck! I get to school so upset. I walk in just so bummed then see my friends with an extra ear bud just dangling off all by it’s lonesome. Getting so so cold and wanting an ear to sing in their ear to bring some joy to their faces. I walk up and just plug it into my ear.

      My friend and I try to stay close by one another and just singing our little hearts content. We walk class to class just having a blast keeping those ear buds nice and warm and making sure they both have a close friend!


      • Matthew says:

        Great post, Paige! You capture the precious moment in the end when you and your friend are close to each other listening to the same song. This is a really simple joy that is, simply put, AWESOME!

      • Mollie says:

        I agree, you know me I never remember by head phones, so i agree with you totally! Headphones are just AWESOME!

      • Bret says:

        I totally agree with you, i love music, but sharing it with friends makes it so much better then you aren’t the only one who looks foolish when you start singing out in class!

    • Patrick says:

      I think that when during a production you are forty feet above the ground with nothing underneath you to hold you up is awesome. Well you can only do this if you are not afraid of heights. There is 6″ metal bars above you that hold you up, but nothing else. Being right above the productions is a perfect view especially th thorn. Its a production to show jesus’es death. The pyro technics are fire and they shoot straight up, So as for me, the only disadvantage is feeling a lot of heat to the point where it almost burns me when the dire comes launching up. Hearing people forty feet below me by a radio is also pretty awesome. And better yet you can see everyone that is texting on there phone! Whwn the lights go out and it’s pitch black, The demon actors jump down the cat walk by a cable and fly by me so close that I can almost reach out and touch them. That is only what I think is awesome. iI don’t know about you, but I think you would agree.

  2. Rex says:

    The last bite of peanut butter in the jar: You look into the jar and realize that the bite is yours. The satisfaction of eating all of the creamy goodness. The last scoop with a spoon or knife, your utensil, covered in peanut butter. You open your mouth and slowly put the food in your mouth and the smell opens your senses before you bite. When you close your mouth, teeth collide with the metal utensil and the top of your mouth touches the peanut butter. Sitting there, chewing, swallowing, you soon take the spoon out and look back down at the now empty jar. Smiling, you sit back and realize, you need to go to the supermarket so you can experience that wonderful, outstanding moment all over again. AWESOME.

    • Sam says:

      YES Rex, this simply is an AWESOME moment. Whenever there is a last bite of peanut butter in the jar I make sure I get it, as it is the last taste until my mom goes to the store to get more. I also have a question. What utensil do you prefer to use when eating peanut butter? I like to use a spoon because I love how it perfectly cups my mouth for the ultimate experience.

      • Rex says:

        Me too. I usually have to get a knife because my parents say I wasted a perfectly good spoon. I usually wash it but they are parents, and I CANNOT win an argument with my parents.

    • Paige says:

      I completely agree! I love that feeling! When you get so over whelmed because you get the last bit of the peanut butter and no one can stop you. Great job!

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t really enjoy peanut butter, but if I see one bite left, I’ll be sure it’s mine. I guess it’s just something that attracts the eye! And when taking that bite, you know others will be jealous! Good post!

    • Jonas says:

      I totally agree with you. This happens a lot at my house because I have 3 younger siblings so its hard to get the last of anything. So how you say that getting the last bit of peanut butter is great. It is simply the most awsome thing a person can do. Good choice.

    • Steven says:

      I love to do this with my favorite spread called Nutella. I sometimes sit there for minutes trying to get every smudge out of the jar. I usually switch from spoon to butter knife every second because i want to get every piece of “meat” in the jar. This is a great post and what peanut butter do you use so i can have the ultimate experience?

    • Shazad says:

      Yeah, that is a satisfying feeling (even more than being first in line), because knowing you have the last bite, or being first is absolutely Awesome!

    • Anthony says:

      I find it interesting that you say that. I’m pretty much an addict to Welch’s Grape soda, (There, I said it) and when I realize that there’s just one drop left, I could just drop to my knees and weep… I don’t know, it’s like losing a relative to me. Great post though!

    • Cassandra says:

      I agree peanut butter is good who doesn’t like it well except people who are alergic to peanut of course. But I like being the last person to get the last and only peanut butter left because its amazing. Well my sister always gets the last gooey goodness of peanut butter so its rare for me…

    • Mark says:

      Rex I love when that happens as well. I like how you said the last bite is yours. Having the chance to have a last bite of anything is AWESOME. I like to take the last bite in front of my sister just to make her jealous. (Just Joking)

    • Sophie says:

      That is very awesome Rex! Another thing that is awesome is the FIRST bite of peanut butter as well!

  3. Sam says:

    Getting wet and then drying off without a towel:
    When I go to the pool, I usually get wet, like most of you. Sometimes when I get out of the pool I am too lazy to go get a towel, so I just go to my lounge chair and get a little sun. While I am doing this I am also drying off which I find very convenient. It is usually moderately fast to get dry. The warmth of Mother Nature is very helpful for the littlest things. This is one of those things.

  4. Brynn says:

    Poping to top on a soda can:
    When I’m thirsty and grab a soda i immediately pop the top, releasing all the carbonation letting out a slight hiss. I always find it entertaining watching the mist leave a fresh soda can on a scorching summer day, knowing that little hiss is the sign of refreshment. This is one of the most AWESOME simple joys for me.

    • Janelle says:

      you’re totally right! i never thought about it that way. it really is fun to pop the top off of a soda can! i love your choice.

    • Isaiah says:

      I know what you mean. Hearing that sound is so relieving. Think about it. You come home from a long,hard practice. You’re tired of drinking water and you just want a nice cold coke. You reach into the fridge and pop the top. Ca-shee! Bliss.

    • Zachary says:

      When think about now, your are right when you open a fresh cold soda on hottest of days, letting the soda go slowly down your throat with every enjoyment. This is one reason that littlest of things can have an great impact on your life.

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Good topic choice. Remember that a good post is 7-10 sentences long. I think you can be more detailed in further posts.

  5. Ashley says:

    Going to Chipotle every Wednesday night since I can remember: Looking forward all week to Wednesday, just for that one burrito. Stacked with essentials of life: rice, beans, chicken, salsa, corn, sour cream, cheese,etc. Each having their own unique qualities, flavors, aromas. Knowing every time when Dad pulls in the drive way to be ready to hop in the car and go. Laughs are shared along the way, talking about what had happened during each others day. But a moment of silence will drop, when its time to order. Then packing it back into the car to go eat at home while watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. That is the families routine, and I don’t think i will have one Wednesday night where I will miss Chipotle; it wouldn’t be healthy.

    • Austin says:

      One comment, Chipotle is the BEST. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Chipotle as one of the many AWESOME things in this world. Chipotle is also my favorite food that goes with Tabasco sauce. It only adds to the “essentials of life” to the perfect burrito. Sometimes I wonder who I would be without this goodness…

    • Brice says:

      mmmmmmmmmmmm! chipotle. I love chipotle it’s great. I can’t belive noone thought of that before it is awesome.

    • Edward says:

      Chipotle is none arguably the best restaurant on the history of awesomeness except I go on Fridays

      • Mr. Stewart says:

        A lot of errors in this reply. Wondering what you meant. A good reply should be three to five questions. You should pull a quote from the person’s post and praise or question it. This will provide you with the most room for conversation. I want you to work on your run-on sentences and your replies.

    • Tanner says:

      Honestly, I don’t know how people live in Chile without Chipotle. Reading this made me hungry… I feel like going now! Speaking in Spanish with the guy at the counter just adds to the complete awesomeness of this. Watching a show and eating the best mexican food restaraunt in the U.S. of A. has got to be a pretty awesome thing, especially every Wednesday. Something as awesome as this, will never get old.

    • Sophie says:

      I liked all the sensory details you used in your paragraph. Although I don’t really like Chipotle, I think for the people that do really liked this paragraph and agreed with it!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Last sentence: family’s, and capitalize I. Well described event, though!

  6. Trevor says:

    Listening to your favorite song on the radio:
    I love when i’m listening to the radio in my car and my favorite song comes on or if i’m going through all of the stations and I stop on the one station that just started playing my favorite song. I think it is always fun to sing along with a song I know on the radio.

    • Shazad says:

      I entirely agree with your suggestion, because who doesn’t get flabbergasted feeling of having your song played live, definitely awesome!

    • Sierra says:

      I really love doing this! Even if you listen to it over and over on your iPod it is NEVER the same when you hear it on the radio. It’s sad though when your almost home and then your favorite song turns on. That is still pretty awesome though!

    • William says:

      I agree Trevor all the way. It feels satisfying and like the world has decided to postpone the song “baby” by Justin Beiber for the time being. You just enjoy the moment and then the song is over and you have to listen to the mistake of America. That is when you hear your little sister scream “I love this song” and you want to die again. I would like to hear more of the band “sum 41” personally

    • Hailey says:

      I agree with you, it’s awesome hearing your favorite song on the radio. It’s fun to jam out and sing all of the lyrics to your family or friends, when half of the time you don’t even know all of the words, even though you act like you do. Yeah, Awesome.(:

  7. Jonas says:

    Running a 3 legged race with a friend. I always remember going to bithday parties and going to the 4th of July bbq and finding someone to run the 3 legged race with you. I think its awsome that something so cheap and easy as binding 2 peoples legs togeather and making them run frantically to the finish line. So if I could think of one of these awsome things, I definitly would choose running a 3 legged race.

    • Nikolas says:

      I agree Jonas do that is fun and is also a bonding time between you and and your friend.

    • Valerie says:

      Jonas, i have to agree with you. 3 legged races are so much fun, but I totally stink at them. You get to run around like a crazy person and don’t care at all if you look like an idiot running around. Good choice!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Fantastic idea. I’m thinking that this needs some more detail. Set the scene with all the five senses. You’ve got a barbecue going in the background. The sizzle of burgers and the smokey smell of charcoal fills the air. The velcro straps make the most distinct noise when adjusting the fastening on each racer’s leg. The beginning of the race is frantic before you get into a rhythm with your partner. See how you can go further?

  8. Steven says:

    Celebrating on the streets with fellow soccer fans:
    It is 4-0 and the joy is rising because this is the round of eight in the world cup. Your favorite team is in the last minutes of overtime with victory just a kick away. The whistle blows and every person in the country goes wild taking to the streets with celebration. The sound of cars honking their horns combined with the sound of vuvuzelas is music to one’s ears. Then all of a sudden, a swarm of giant flags come into the street with Black, Red, and Gold all over them. You would never guess how AWESOME this sight is until you get to see it for your self.
    Pictures: I took these pictures while I was there.

  9. Mollie says:


    Its peaceful and calming and always relaxing. It always reminds me of when we firt moved into our new house. When you smell the wonderful smell of rain you remember thst rainbows come after a big rain storm. Every load of rain is just

    • Isaac says:

      I also love the smell of rain myself. It reminds me of the cabin I go to in Ohio every summer for two weeks. When it rains the smell almost overcomes all your senses. All your senses are completely drowned out by the smell of the cool spring rain.

    • Hailey says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Whenever I feel sad or upset I always want it to rain, so it will then smell good. Rain in general is awesome. The smell of it, or when you’re a little kid and you are standing outside with rain falling down as you look up and try to catch rain in your mouth, also the sound it makes on your roof, when your warm and cozy inside. I agree with you the smell of rain makes you feel so refreshed and peaceful. That’s cool that you have a great memory of your new house because of rain. Yes, awesome!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Few things: This is a pretty short post. Remember that I am looking for at least 7-10 sentences for a “4.” Next, a few spelling errors that could easily be fixed if you are to use a Word document to type your post. You might catch spelling errors like “firt.”

  10. Austin says:

    When I first thought of what I thought was awesome, I laughed. Mostly because all I could think of was FOOD, myself, (just joking!) and Kung Fu. If I was to narrow it down to one of those ideas, I would definitely pick food. You can’t really live without it and it’s pretty AWESOME! Specifically speaking, the best foods always come with Tabasco® sauce. Usually loads of it. I put it on all types of foods; burritos, chips, pizza, soups, salsas, and countless more things I can’t think of. There are also three types of Tabasco® sauce; Chipotle, Green Pepper, and just plain Pepper sauce. This means there are SO MANY combinations you can do! It gives me such an AWESOME feeling every time I think about it. Additionally, every sauce, of course, tastes amazing and most of all, AWESOME! What makes this sauce so special is that it’s a one of a kind. Tabasco® has the greatest flavors compared to all the other sauces I have tasted, it has an outstanding taste of spiciness that brings tears, and how many times must I say that Tabasco® is AWESOME!
    Another idea I thought of after food was how AWESOME Jonas’ haircut is he usually gets every week. (I assumed) When you think about it, it’s pretty darn hilarious. (I’m just kidding, Jonas)

  11. Janelle says:

    The noise when you click a button on the computer:
    I don’t know about other people but i just adore the little “boop” that comes out of the computer when you click it. It’s like a little bundle of joy just waiting for you to pop it open. Its sounds so cool when someone makes a song out of it and you realize it’s just the sound of buttons being clicked. Here’s an example for all you sad people out there who need to be revived. (The first half is the song, second is how they did it.)

    Don’t you just love it when there’s like four different kinds of beeps on one page but they don’t lead you anywhere? You just start clicking randomly and it sounds so…

    • Daniel says:

      At first, I thought that was a strange thing for a post on awesome things, but after watching the video on the link, I saw what you meant. I am somewhat of an addict to the computer, yet I never really thought of how you could make waiting for it to turn on fun, and awesome. you opened my eyes to another aspect of computers that is amazing.

    • Isaac says:

      I never thought the noises of a computer could be awesome but I guess I am wrong. This video with all the noises we watched in class is truly awesome! I have watched it many times since. AWESOME!

    • Britta says:

      I loved that video so much, even though I’m the one who showed it to you. *hint hint* but that truly is an awesome thing what would the world be like if we didin’t have windows sounds?

    • Valerie says:

      Janelle, That is so true! Sometimes I miss the old sounds of the computers. The link you showed was really cool too. Really good choice for an awesome thing.

    • Cassandra says:

      Now I know why you like that. I agree this is amazing haha because at first I thoguhtt what then when I saw that video I know now. So now I’m taking a liking to that kind of stuff but of course I’m not going to be on the computer 24/7.

    • Brandon says:

      That was really cool. I like that link. I tried to do all those sounds on my computor and that was awesome. I totally agree how awesome those sounds are.

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Everyone LOVED the link. I’ll never think of my Windows Vista noises the same again!

  12. Shazad says:

    The pleasure of being right all the time, or being the only one knowing the answer to a complex question, because if your always right it shows you’re the smartest person in your class. I simply can’t express how terrifically awesome it feels, but just guessing on a challenging question and getting it right is impressively Awesome.

    • Brice says:

      I love being right When noone else knows the answer and everyone looks to you for the answer.

    • Rex says:

      I love being right. Except when I know I’m right but my younger sister insists she is right. Darn younger sibilings.

      • Rudolph says:

        The feeling of being right can sometimes make me feel good, but there are sometimes I never want to be right on. Like if there is something tragic that had happened and I try to guess what has happened. Sometimes I think of some possibilities that could happen but I hope I’m never right about them.

  13. Brice says:

    One awesome thing i know is, opening that last birthdasy or christmas present each year. It’s great coming down stairs each year on christamas morning looking among all of the prresents stacked up under your tree. Once you start opening you can’t stop. It’s the same for birthdays, you never want to stop opening you’r presents. Once you get down to that last one, Saving the best for last. You open it and you say last one until next year. Once you open it you see it is a nice expensive toy you’ve been asking for since october.


  14. Brittney says:

    Something awsome is sliding down a hill on a bigblock of ice! I did this with my friends in elementry school for a track and field day activity. They had a lot of other activities but in my opinion and a bunch of others thought that it was just absolutely awsome!

  15. William says:

    The feeling of butterflies in your stomach after you go over the first hill on a roller coaster. This makes me feel amazing as if I can fly. It is great and seems amazing because a the top of the hill you breathe out and relax for the ride down. As you’re about to the top you are tense and think that you might fall out of your seat. You feel lighter and think this is amazing as the air is taken into your lungs after screaming like hell when you had gone done the hill. You have become disoriented due to the constant movement on the coaster. When you get off you feel a rush of dizziness. it makes you want to go on it all over again constantly. This is like conquering a fear of heights. You feel amazing afterward.

    • Isaac says:

      That is a rely great feeling isn’t it. It reminds me of going to cedar point with my family in the summer. It feels like your stomach is going to jump right out of your mouth. Just the rush of adrenalin in amazing.

    • Hailey says:

      I know what you mean, the feeling of almost going over that first hill on a roller coaster, to me is the best part of the ride. You get all tense inside, then you try to look over and see when the drop is finally going to come. Then suddenly, you’re over that first monstrous hill, and the ride ends as soon and quick as it began, that’s why that first hill is awesome, because you get so excited for what is about to happen. I agree with you, that is awesome.

  16. Elijah says:

    One really super awesome thing is knowing who is calling you.
    I like knowing who is calling especialy if its important or if you dont want to talk to like a cop or family

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      A good post is 7-10 sentences long at least. Look at my example comment (the first one). Next, your second sentence is a run-on. In all, this looks rushed and I think you could do a better job of being descriptive and go into more detail.

  17. Nikolas says:

    Somthing that i truly belive is funny is, The noises that someone always makes in a quiet room such as a theater or a study hall room. From funny noises to annoying ones. For example in a quiet theater someone will always make a random comment about a movie preview and it would be so funny because it is random all things random are funny. This is extremely awesome.

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      A bit of a run-on sentence. Try setting up your ideas with a little more description. This needs specific examples, because it’s pretty vague right now.

  18. Daniel says:

    Skiing down a long run, seeing my sister trying to keep up. laughing loudly as my eyelids gluing to the back of my head, so that I can only see a papers width of space in front of me.then, Crash! I speed to a halt, gliding across the path, from side to side, to see what it was, and when I zoom in with my eyes, i see my sister, yelling loudly “Dad, you said this would be fun!” in a three foot deep pile of powder. what I do that makes it even more awesome,and yes, it is kind of mean, is when I pop my own skis off, run up the hills, take my sisters poles, and ski off with them, shouting “catch me if you can!” AWESOME

    • Nicholas says:

      Daniel, that is definitely an awsome thing, feeling as fast as a leapoard flying down the mountain as you feel your skiis slowly swerve in any direction. The feeling that your limitless. The best place to do that is on the mountain and it is just plain awsome!

  19. Isaac says:

    An awesome thing (to me) is history, and to go even farther in to that I would say World War 2. One because all of the spectacular battles and tactics, and two my Great grandfather was an American tank commander and survived to come back to America. History overall is awesome to because we can learn from our mistakes in the past.

  20. Britta says:

    I think the most awesome thing is when you go to the car dealership and they showcase the new cars. Well you lean over and say, “Can I just sit in it?” and you end up bringing it home. Then you get a huge old scratch in the side of it and go back t othe same car dealership probably about three months after you just got it. Then they’re showcasing the brand new version of the same car you just bought and you go, “Awwwwwwww! Can I just sit in it?” Then the whole thing just starts over again. That is truly awesome.

  21. Valerie says:

    One of the best combonations in all of history is sweet and salty. Of course everyone knows that the best two sweet and salty things in the universe are ice cream and french fries. What is even better is when you put ice cream on top of french fries! Disgusting you say well have you ever tried it? Wendy’s is not my absolute favorite restruant, but their Frosties are good. What I like to do is save my french fries when I do go there and then get a frosty and dip my fries in it! Every mouthwatering bite of the fries and ice cream is amazing. If you havn’t ever dipped french fries into ice cream…do it!

    • Seth says:

      Finally somoeone who knows the awesome combo of french fries and ice cream VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heather says:

      I definitley agree with you! That is one of my most favorite combonations of food. Also, the way you decribed it was great makes me want to go and eat some!

    • Christina says:

      YES!! I completely agree Valerie!!!
      Someone who finally knows what they are talking about! That really is the best combination! People say that that is really really disgusting, but my guess is that those people haven’t tried it. Way to go Valerie, ur post was truly awesome!

  22. Sophie says:

    You’re standing in line, with a huge group of friends, awaiting the entrance to the haunted house. The kids with expirience talk about what they hope is in the attraction like the previous years, and the first-timers are scared out of their wits. Last year I went to the Haunted Mines, and I would have to say the best part wasn’t actually going through the house, but just hanging out and talking with all my friends. The suspense just builds everytime you get closer to the house, and you cant stop talking about what you think might be in there. This expirience is a main reason why I go to the Haunted Mines every year. This is one of the many things I find AWESOME.

    • Hayden says:

      I agree Sophie. Last Halloween, my friends and I went to a haunted house at Mr.Biggs that was actually pretty decent. But during the wait, we were talking to the security guard and he told us stories and we heard people screaming. when we went in,y friend wanted to quit immediately. We ended up going back the next night to volunteer at the house.

    • Hailey says:

      That is awesome, I know exactly what you mean. Every time you move closer to the entrance in the line you see the people who are exiting the Haunted Mines, and once you see the expressions on their faces it gets you even more excited. Then, finally when your at the door you get butterflies in your stomach, because your finally at the point that you have been waiting, probably about an hour for. I know what you mean. Awesome.

    • Cassandra says:

      I haven’t been one before well once but that was a long time ago. So I of course wouldn’t know what happens so maybe this year I will try and go to the haunted mines or whatever and see what the suspensful feeling feels like.

  23. Hayden says:

    Something awesome is doing a trick on skiis or going on a box for the first time and landing it is awesome. Every time i go skiing with friends or family there is the anticipation of getting off the lift and just pushing off to your destination and starting your awesome day on the slopes.

  24. Seth says:

    My awesome thing is going on longboard treks with best buddies! Flying to get to the meeting spot. Once we get there we start to fly around to McDonalds and up to the car wash, climb on to the hill, set our boards down and start to ride through the one house neighborhood. we arrive at the school, ride around to the back court yard shred that place to beyond beleif!!!! Then we head over to our old school and do the same. If you want to see some awesome longboarding check this link: but longboarding is truly AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hailey says:

    I’m standing on the pitchers mound winding up in my pitch about to release the softball. I feel the breeze brush against my face as the ball spins toward the catcher. Suddenly, the ball is hit hard on the ground between second base and first base. I dive and fall on the ground with a smash and catch the ball in my glove. I stand up quick, a nice and easy through to second base, then the shortstop makes a solid throw to first base. The satisfactory of making a double play is in the air.
    I feel that the Jews during the Holocaust were able to remain positive because that’s all that they had. If they didn’t remain positive and look at the good things in life then they would have nothing and be depressed. If I were a Jew between 1938-1945 I don’t think I would be able to stay as positive as they did. I would be scared, which most of them probably were, but I would have a negative impact on everything.

  26. Isaiah says:

    An awesome thing to me is a cloudy,rainy day. The darkness, that makes you stay asleep. The cool and musky feeling of the atmosphere. Finally whenever you can stay inside anymore just cool off in the tears of mother nature. The clouds are something else too. The way it gives the overhead ocean a new coat of paint is just great. The rain actually changes the world as well. It seeps into the soil, giving it new life. AWESOME!

    • Anthony says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Perhaps I take it a little differently, but it can be a nice break from the perceived happiness of the sun. No scorching heat beating down on you as you walk, and there’s always the rain to cool you off. I have to wonder what those who endured the holocaust thought of such days. Working in those concentration camps, I imagine it would be a nice break.

    • Heather says:

      I love those kind of days. When the suns not out and you finally get a day just to be lazy and enjoy the fresh air!

  27. Dominic says:


    After my brother and I came back home from Laau’s Taco Shop, he grabs the news paper and a portable YAHTZEE, and heads for the bathroom and takes a 20-30 minute…..DUMP . It’s DISCUSTING! All the toilet paper is gone and it smells worse than indoor monkey room at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. But luckly there was FEBREZE BATHROOM AIR FRESHENER to cure the horrible virus spreading through house before it killed my family and I and turned us into zombies. Now dont tell me that’s not awesome.

  28. Anthony says:

    You’ve slaved long hours over this seemingly never-ending “Final” Fantasy series, and then; the last boss. After spending ten minutes determining the best load out of equipment, you prepare to clock in yet another hour of your time; lose, reload, lose, reload. Then when you finally win, you hear that long desired victory tune. Don’t get me wrong, I rarely get stuck on bosses. Here’s a video if any of you are geek enough to care about what I mean.

    In times of great distress, we need something to hang onto; we need a reason to wake up in the morning. Without it, well very few people would wake up in the morning. If you don’t enjoy the little things, then why are they even there? There is a reason for everything, and perhaps the reason we have these seemingly useless pleasures, the last bite of peanut butter, or popping a soda can, is to keep us from getting too downed or frustrated. So, a quote from one of my favorite movies, “Rule #32, enjoy the little things.”

  29. Heather says:

    When you’re looking for something you really need at that moment, but can’t seem to find it. You look absolutely everywhere you could possibly think of and still can’t find it. Finally you just give up.
    Then months later you have to look for something else and can’t seem to find it. While you’re looking for something else you finally find the idem you were looking for months ago and now that idem has no purpose to you. Awesome!!!

    • Madison says:

      Heather I know what you’re talking about! Just a week ago I found my teddy bear, I had looked years for. It’s really amazing what you discover when you’re not looking!

    • Percy says:

      Oh my goodness, Heather, I totally agree with you. This happens to me all the time. I thought I lost my iPod for good once, and three years later, I was looking for my new iPod, and found the old one in a bag I used when I was about 7 years old. It was crazy and I was so exciting. That is just about the most wonderful feeling ever.

    • Chloe says:

      That happenes to me all the time haha i love it

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      I’m wondering if you are using “awesome” sarcastically here. If so, it works well! This always happens to me.

  30. Cassandra says:

    A super HOT day and there’s the fridge to keep you cool but then that’s not enough so go to the beach instead: Imagine being in a humid, hot tropical island. Just lying down sweaty trying to go to the coldest place you can find. But you realize there is only one fan in this whole entire house and there are 6 people in the house. Yeah not as a good combination you think is. When you struggle and try to get cool. Nothing works, and then while you go and try to get a refreshing drink to ooze your trouble to be chilled again the blast of bitter, intense cold air just rushes out of the limited space that freezer has, then all that cooling sensation goes through your whole body at once you thought you just came back from a blizzard. Once you close that door that holds that air you feel you have lost all the cold you have in your body. Open it up again and feel the same as you once did, but then realize wasting electricity so go back to the couch with no such cold at all. Then your family thinks they can’t take the heat no more and decides to get the beach, well your in the tropical’s so why not, it feels great to go in the ocean yeah AWESOME!!!!!

  31. Mark says:

    The sweet taste of potato pancakes for dinner
    I run down the stairs with the sweet scent in my nose of potato pancakes. As I rush threw the hallway to the kitchen I think about what it will tatse like this time. Once I get there and I see the pancakes my day is made. I sit down and sprinkle the pancakes with powdered sugar. I take a big bit out of the pancake. I think I just had the best food ever made. I walk out of the kitchen with a full stomach. My stomach is now full of delight. That is what I find AWESOME. I love potato pancakes

  32. Tanner says:

    Getting to a high round on Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops. Its round one, you start with just a mediocre pistol, no eltricity, and a few granades. One knife kill, its attacks from all sides. three other allies on on your team in the main room going window to window killing zombies. A few rounbs later, the dreaded attack dogs arrive. With tails of fire and reflexes as fast as lightning, its hard to kill them. Max Ammo and Instant Kill upgrade, hoorah. You get the power turned on, its round 15 and now things are getting interesting. You found the magaestic Magic Box, for a price of 950 you get a random gun from this box. The teleporter is linked, its round 21 and the zombies are getting faster and stronger. You achieve 5000 points after getting the Ray Gun and RPK MG, time to go in the teleporter and upgrade your Ray Gun. The zombies gather around below you in the theatre, you are too high up for them to reach you. Two granades tossed, and your points skyrocket as the zombies’ legs are blown off and they turn into crawlers. Much time has passed, you can’t believe it, you’re at round 68. By now its nearly impossible, you pray to find an Instant Kill or Nuke. You’re surrounded, cournered, all three of your allies have be knocked out, your juggernaut can only hold out so many blows from the zombies. Desperately, you pull out your thundergun and blow them back to hell from where they came. You forget the window behind you, and a swarm of zombies pop out kill you. Game over, you survived 68 rounds. This is the highest I have ever gotten in Nazi Zombies on the map Kino Der Toten. This is purely AWESOME!
    Here is a walkthrough for a solo game if you’re interested:

  33. Nicholas says:

    Your waiting for your friend to arrive at a meeting spot. Soon after you realize youve been waiting forever, you finaly call them to realize that they were right by you the whole time. After you share a funny yet oquered laugh. Simpily awsome!

  34. Edward says:

    Have you ever just turned on your iPod jumped in bed and chilled out after a long day? Your headphones in your ear or your stereo booming and you fall back and relax in your bed your legs sprawled out and close your eyes and listen to your favorite CD. That is my top way to relax. You just enjoy the ear worms and lyricism of your favorite artist. Thinking about the first time you heard the song; that is

    • Christina says:

      I totally agree Edward!
      That really is the best thing to come home after a LONG day and just be able to listen to your favorite band or your favorite song. That is the best way to relax and your right, that truly is AWESOME!

    • Rachel says:

      I adree with you to Eddie! It’s very relaxing when you listen to that familiar song after a long day. That is one of the best ways to relax! Very Awesome!!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      “Awsome” – spell check please. The correct spelling is available in the post title.

  35. Nicholas says:

    After a long day of school, you sit down on your couch and turn on the PS3 with an asuring “Beep!” As it warms up you wait with anticipation as you then start up Call of Duty: Black Ops. Having been through the routine several times, you quickly skim past all of the options to play the zombie mode. Once it has been selected, you hear the long, crackling, and eirie sound. The screen fades into a rich orange. Soon after selecting the zombie map of your choice, you wait for other participants willing to join you in the game over great distances. Once the game starts, you are left with a junky pistol, a couple of grenades, a knife, and your other 3 buddys. All black and white color and the power is down, depriving you of essentials for staying alive from the zombie horde. You all have to work together in the begining rounds to keep the zombies out of the main area which you started in. Once the zombies out-number the four of you, you quickly make a run for the power switch, accompanied with the mystery box which you recieve better weapons from to combat the walking dead. Once the power is restored, color flashes brightly back into the screen enabling for you to see better and for you to buy perk-a-cola machines that improvise your player. Then the last peice of your beggining adventure is to get the box fast before all the good weapons are more rare to recieve. Once you get all the best weapons and go out into the map with your buds to smite the living dead is just…

    • Matt says:


      Especially after a long day of school of doing nothing but worksheet after worksheet just doing nothing for the heck of it is awesome. The fact that you turn on your console sit back and kill time because nothing else really matters in the world just the fact that you are having fun.

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Sounds like a lot of fun! When you pluralize “buddy” replace the “y” to make “buddies.”

  36. Zachary says:

    My favorite monster on TV, hearing his coolest theme song. Destroying towns with his massive tail, and trampling every thing with his monstrous feet. When think it couldn’t get any better, than you hear the legendary theme song of all time, telling you had better run for your life. He would be more famous then even that wimpy Clover-field monster in 2008, or that momma’s boy King Kong. This courageous monster has battled some of the most abominable of foes and sits on Hollywood Walk of Fame. It rivals as the top most seen and heard of any monster, that’s why so many people knows his terrifying name. This formidable monster has more films than the Jurassic Park put together times nine. This guy in my honest opinion is the best monster to ever walk Japan, incinerate everything in his path, which I think is tremendously AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (If you don’t know who this his, then the links below should answer any further questions) – Theme Music – Famous Roar of the Monster Information on My Monster

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      I agree! Godzilla movies are still near the top of my favorite things list. Great word choice and links. I think there are a few places for revisions, but this is a great, well thought out post.

  37. Madison says:

    The first bite of a pickle:
    If everyone hasn’t noticed yet, I have a huge pickle fetish. So when you hear the crisp pop when you first open the jar, chills shoot up my spine. I love when you take the first bite, salty, crunchy, delicious! I know its nerdy to love pickles so much, but really how could you not? My entire household pickles every year. Right now we have about 75 jars, so we’re big pickle eaters. My dad’s are the best, no doubt about it. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a jar!

  38. Percy says:

    Road trips.
    Your friend texts you out of the blue and says, “hey we’re going to Denver.” So you gather your phone, your flip ultra HD, your computer, and your Justin Bieber and KE$HA CDs. After waiting about 30 minutes, your phone rings. You see it is your friend, and you answer. Your friend says to you, “I’m outside,” and hangs up. You go down the stairs and out the door. Outside, you see your friend in her car, holding a groovy action figure on a stick. When you approach the car, you can hear the sound of KE$HA’s lovely voice. You get in and you leave. Once you get on the highway, you open the windows and the sun roof. The wind flops your hair around like an ape. Then you stick your various action figures out. The best part is the faces of the passengers in the car next to yours. The music is so loud that you have a slight headache, but you don’t care. When you finally reach your destination, sometimes, you get Pinkberry and free wiFi. Pinkberry is good. You get it all on film, and like two weeks later, it becomes a YouTube video. Awesome.

  39. Bret says:

    I love going out to eat in general, especially when we go to Buffalo Wild Wings and Apple bees. There is something that makes going out to eat so much more awesome though. I love when I go out to eat and the restruant messes up my order. i know that sounds weird, but then you get what you ordered for free and if I or someone at my table likes we get to bring that home for leftovers so it is like two meals, but for free. I also love when the restruant gives you a large when you order a small and price you for a small. That just makes going out to eat that much better.

    • Christina says:

      Haha I agree bret,
      Going out is always so much fun. It’s fun because you never know what you might do or see when you out. Like you might see someone you know or just someone who is really weird and strange, but they are still mildley Awesome! Plus yeah when the people mess up your meal that’s really cool because like you said, two meals for free!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Great topic. I think you need more revisions work, especially on spelling and run-on sentences. Your post made me want an order of hot wings with blue cheese dressing!

  40. Matt says:

    Sleep, don’t be fooled by the simple idea of lying down on a bed. In fact it is so simple that it is absolutely genus! Sleep is so awesome that it gets to the point were you just can’t get enough of it. Not only is sleep such a wonderful thing, but when you set your alarm clock just a slight fifteen minutes head and just absolutely smashing that snooze button with your fists so you can sleep in that extra fifteen minutes before the long day unfolds before you. On top of all of that you are free to let your mind go loose and imagine whatever it suggests. The never ending adventures that go on in your mind before you wake up to the boring same old world. That is why sleep is the greatest thing in the world.

  41. Sierra says:

    #001- Remembering to do or get something before you leave but forgetting anyways.

    Have you ever been eating breakfast and you look at your shoes before skiing and making a mental note not to forget to put your shoes on before you leave? Well I have. We were almost half way to Monarch and I was looking out at a billboard and then I shouted out, “I forgot to put on my snow boots!” I looked down at my feet and sure enough, I saw only my socks. My mom asked me how I forgot them and I just said that I did not know how. Just the other day my family was at my grandparents’ house and my mom kept on telling me to remember the movie (the movie we have been waiting forever for in the mail.) While I was getting all my stuff together and made another evil mental note to remember the movie, well when we got to Monument, the movie was still at my grandparents. I have now learned (after many other mental notes) that if you think about something before hand you will forget it.

  42. Paul says:

    When you are inside getting ready to go outside and then you get the first whiff of freshly cut grass. In the summer when you just cut the grass and then the summer rain comes so you can have another whiff of this great smell. Probably one of the best smells of summer.


    • Tyler says:

      Well the only thing great about this smell in the summer is the fact your getting paid, when I smell cut grass I smell money and labor. Labor is okay knowing you’ve accomplished something but the smell of cut grass only smells good because there’s money involved, so ya it smells good.

    • Kyle says:

      I aslutely agree with you, Paul, but Tyler money isn’t the most important thing in the world.

  43. Tyler says:

    One thing(s) that’s on the top of the awesome list is guns. The feeling that one has of owning a gun is being an American. Knowing that this piece of equipment has worked it’s way down through human society and has improved through each generation. The gun can speak for its self, just pull the trigger and the conversation is over (no, don’t do that). The power of this equipment, the feeling of the round leaving the muzzle. This tool is what earns us freedom, from those who threaten it by deadly force. I feel the gun will be around till the last days of mankind, the only thing that will change is the power.

    • Luke says:

      I loved how you used one of the most things that come up in your conversations. you had a lot of depth going in to what is on your awesome list and it all made since through out the whole blog and it also flowed with it to. I also hope that it will be till the end of mankind so that other kids get the opportunity to do the same as what we have done.

  44. Luke says:

    Playing Baseball on a hot spring day-
    I love it when i play baseball it is like a smooth flowing river just going calmly though out the stream. Every time i get the ball i know what to do with it. Every time i hit the ball it is one of the best feelings that i have ever had knowing that i hit the ball and i own that pitcher. Also, i love when i throw the ball as hard as i can to get a strike out. Every time that i step on the field it is just one of the best feelings that i have had and i always remember all the great plays that i have done, all the outs and lastly all the fun that is involved in playing the game that is meant for me to play.

  45. Riley says:

    The smell of a dirtbike running race fuel…..Awesome!!! I absolutely love it when I’m either just enjoying a day of practice, or even racing, and smelling bikes running real race fuel, not just any old gas from the Shell down the road. It may not be exactly “good” for me, but I simply can’t resist the urge to take a few big “wiffs” of that fuel. If you ride dirtbikes or if you’ve ever been to a motorcross track then you must now the amazing scent of race fuel. While some people may absolutely love the smell of pizza or the rain I think that the best smell in the ENTIRE world is the smell of some good-ol race gas. So if you ride bikes, or you know the smell then reply telling me how you think it smells.

    • Luke says:

      i love the smell of it to! Its like theres nothing like it. when ever i race my dad on ATV’S I also take a big whiff of the gasoline when it is pumping through the engine and you can just keep smelling it until you pass them then it is just clean mountain air for me. Also i think that this is one of your best writing pieces you have written in a while good job Riley!

  46. Rachel says:

    When McDonald’s gives you three french fries when you ordered two. I think that it is just awesome when a restaurant messes up and gives you more food than what you ordered. It’s such a good feeling too, because then you look in the bag to see if they got your order right and you see there is more, so you close the bag and run away as quickly as possible so nobody notices while you’re still there. That is why getting more food than what you ordered is one of the most awesome things in the world.

    • 167290 says:

      Especially when it is a larger size than your original order, except when the clerk charges you for it. Other than that it’s a pretty sweet idea, AWSOME!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      I think you could make this even better by using a creative simile or metaphor to drive home your point. Something like: “Getting extra food at McDonald’s is like waking up in the middle of the night to the realization that you still have two more hours to sleep.”

  47. Carmine says:

    The thing that is awesome to me is hitting the ball on the sweet spot. When you are playing baseball and you hit the ball perfectly on the barrel, the felling of that is amazing. You don’t need to see where it hit your bat, you can just feel it. Most times when you hit it perfectly the ball goes far. Even if you don’t get a hit you know you made great contact. For some people it may not seem that cool but to me it’s AWESOME!!

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      “felling” – feeling. Good topic. You could add more by setting up the scene of the perfect at-bat. The game is on the line. Playing under the lights and the crowd is on the edge of their seats. You are the final out, or the winning run. The crowd hushes at every pitch. The pitcher stares you down, but you’ve seen his stuff before and know his variety like you know your way around your house in the dark.
      Do you see how you can set up even more to spice up your story? Right now it seems rushed, but could improve with a little more detail like above.

  48. Tyler says:

    One thing that also is awesome is the smell of F-22 jet fuel. That stuff has a powerful force. Just by smelling it you can feel the G forces and power this fighter has in winning the war on terrorism. Just saying.

    • Jordan says:

      Someday i hope you can fly in a real f-22. Knowin that poeple are giving their life for your freedom at this very moment is enough to make even the most depressed people feel at least safe.

  49. Nicole says:

    Some thing awesome that comes to my mind is being with your best friends/friends. All that laughs that you have with them, all the tears you shed in front of them all the fights you throw at each other. But you still love them because you know no matter what they are there for you. Also that you can be your self in front of them and show the world who you really are! 🙂 <3 🙂

  50. Christina says:

    Coming home from a LONG day at school and just getting to do whatever you want to- after having one of though days where your teachers have been annoying you, your friends have been kinda pissing you off, and you’ve been doing nothing but work ALL day. You come home and sit down on the couch and close your eyes just to rest, and then you realize “Hey, I don’t have ANY homework”. You all of a sudden feel, chipper, and you just can’t wait to waste your time doing something absurd and aimless.
    Not wanting to waste anytime resting, you jump up and go find something unproductive to do. You listen to your favorite song by your favorite band, learn something new on your guitar, sing and dance cuz your bored, and go pull a prank on your sibling, just to make them mad at you. And that just makes the day absolutely 100% better than how it started. And that is what is really AWESOME!!!

  51. Brandon says:

    1,892- Finally getting a sneeze out. Have you ever had the feeling of sneezing but it wont come out? Well once you finally get that sneeze out you feel much better like you accomplished something great.
    When you are walking then you suddenly feel a sudden urge to sneeze. Well I hate that feeling too. Once you get that sneeze out I think of it as one of the greatest feelings ever.

    • Mr. Stewart says:

      Look at the sun. That always helps. Also, this is a pretty short post. Could you go into more detail? Describe the setting? See the exemplar and compare yours

  52. Chloe says:


  53. Chloe says:

    Texting someone about something important. Waitting to see there reply wanting to know what they’ll say. Wondering whats taking so long, so you look and check to make sure
    a.) They didnt text back and you just didn’t hear it
    b.) The text message sent.
    As soon as you click the unlock botton…BAMN the person text you. Smiling because you feel like you have super powers, but in reality it was just 100% luck.

    • Nikol says:

      This truly is an awesome thing! I have come across that feeling as if i had super powers. Some times I glance at my phone and it is as if the phone feels my stare and shows me what it has in store for me! Also i really like this topic because it can happen to a lot of people, all most everyone in the world… but others may not be as likely. Good work!

    • Jordan says:

      Very steriotypical teen but i know the feeling when you are deep into a conversation with someone and you are waiting for a reply and you just cant wait to see what they have to say next.

  54. 167290 says:

    The sound of a baseball hitting off the fat part of a bat.
    It’s always good to hear that sound, if you’re in the World Series or just in the everyday backyard game. Once somebody hears that noise they know it’s going to be a big hit, especially in the bottom of the ninth. Baseball players go down in history from a big hit at the right time and get cheered on by their fans or their mom. Even when that sound comes from your bat the crowd immediately cheers OHHHH to an AWWWW when the ball is caught in the outfield. This is just simply AWSOME!

  55. Austin says:

    One awesome thing is when you come home from what ever you were at and play all day outside but when near curfew you take your clothing of and soak into a steming sensational bath. Last night all play naerly all day and i had Grass stains, dirt marks and a bit of deer Crap on my clothing. I got home, had some dinner and took a bath for at least Two hours. That is Awesome.

  56. Kyle says:

    What I think is one of the most awesome things ever is coming home after a long riny day, the sun is finally out, and instead of going inside to dry off you sit out in the nice warm sun and let the heat do the work. After your shirt is dried it gets all crusty and sometimes it sticks to your shirt.

  57. Nikol says:

    The night is dead quiet except the tiny pitter patter of the rain armada. It soothes the soul as you lay as if you are drifting in space watching sea whales swim around you. Then as you close your eyes the rain pulls you into a warm loving hug and lays you down in your comfy warm bed telling you “Its all right, I am here to protect you”. The next morning you have the sweet smell of dew drops and the ground is laden will water from the nights past. You let the breeze from the rain drops pass over your face still telling you that they are there and still protecting you. A thousands awesome things the rain is.

  58. Rudolph says:

    Butterflies in your stomach, knowing that you have created something beautiful when you get together with your band, and play an amazing song that you guys just made up. Truly amazing. Getting your instrument all set up, waiting for all of your other band members to get ready. When everyone finally sets up, someone plays a note, and everyone starts in on that note. Therefore makes a beautiful creation. The crack of a new song is an amazing sight. That is truely…. Amazing

  59. Jordan says:

    When I am sad and down I like to turn to candy to make myself feel better. When I am depressed I look to the faces of the gummie bears that i am eating or the ears of a chocolate easter bunny. I eat and cry until i am satisfied, well, atleast when i am really deppressed. Normally I just go down to my sony surround sound and play all of the Call of Duty Black Ops until my heart is content. Nothing makes me happier than to shoot a deadly ballistic knife into my enemies until and instantly kill them with a spray of blood. Because when I shoot them i know somewhere in the world some kid is yelling at his TV in anger and that is what makes me feel good.

  60. Patrick says:

    well Zack, I think that you could use a little more detail in the post on opening a soda can. I only saw about three or four sentences. I know you are smarter than that. Maybe you could add a little more detail like what you hear when you open it or something like that. As Brynn said, a good post is 7-10 sentences long, or better yet you can do more than what is asked. Add maybe 12-13 sentences. Maybe in your future posts, you can use a little more detail and add more sentences.

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