Mr. Stewart

Your Diary Entry

For this week’s post, we are working on point of view. Select someone else living in the secret annex and create a diary entry for that person. Your entry should be a response to events happening in the play and how these events affect that person.

Your post should be at least 7-10 sentences in length, and you’ll need a printed copy to share with the class on Friday.

In addition to your post, reply to at least one other student’s diary entry with praise as well as constructive criticism. An exemplar “A” post and reply will be featured below.

133 Responses to “Your Diary Entry”

  1. Jamie says:

    Dear Diary,
    I Mrs. Van Daan, am completley and absolutly sick and tired of Anne Frank. I tried to be nice to her, but all I get in return is complaints. I simply can’t deal with a child with that behavior. Can you believe that she spilled milk on my fathers coat? I don’t know if that will come out in the wash. If I was her mother I would punish her and send her to boot camp. I try to put on a good face in public but inside I really break down and cry.I can’t believe that someone wouldn’t care about my feelings and just ruin something that means a whole lot to me. Sigh. Well, I guess I will just have to suck it up.Ich kann es nicht glauben! (I can’t believe it!)

    • Hailey says:

      Dear Jamie,
      When I read your comment, I could hear those words coming straight out of the book, coming from Mrs. Van Daan’s mouth. You also gave a vivid description of why everyone is sick of Anne’s behavior. I also love how you translated some words in German, that really puts the blog into character.

      • Austin says:

        Dear Jamie,
        When reading your post those sound as if the author said that from his writing. thanks for your detailed description of Anne’s crazy behavior. i and i agree with Hailey German phrase and translation.

    • Brice says:

      Your diary entry sounds as if it is a real entry form the book. I t hink that your post is very wel thought out and complete. If i didn’t Know that this was a class blog i might think that itt is either re-written from the book or copied and pasted.

    • Mollie says:

      I really liked your post, i really like you adding a saying in German, that really showed your engagement with the reader and book. When reading this i could picture Mrs.Van Daan because of her short temper with Anne!

      • Jamie says:

        I appreciate your post. I thought that would add a little more “Mrs. Van Daan” to the diary entry.
        I really love your post as well! That definitly sounds like Mrs. Frank. If I were in her5 shoes I wouldn’t want one more thing messing up my day! Great Job!

    • Nicole says:

      i love it! i could just see me reading this out of the book and seeing her say those words. they are stronge and very good!

    • Sierra says:

      I love how much this sounds like Mrs. Van Daan. It Is true that Anne Frank is annoying everyone. I love how you guve examples on why everyone is really annoyed with Anne, instead of just saying she was annoying. I also loved the German you put at the end. It added a little touch to it.

  2. Bret says:

    Anne is driving me absoloutly insane! I’m pretty sure she is driving everybody insane! With her constant shananagins and pranks I don’t know what she is thinking or if she is thinking half off the time. She moves around all night and I do not get much sleep which just makes me even less tolerent of Her behavior. If this war does not end sooner than exapected I will official lose my sanity. If I had an option I would not ever even half taken a step in here,but it is the only thing that is keeping me from camps. If Anne doesn’t stop her nightly issues she is gonna be te one who screws this all up for us!

    • Jonas says:

      I Mr.Kraler strongly agree with you because Anne is going to get us all 1st class tickets to one of the concentration camps. She is a danger to all of us because of her moving around and pranks that she plays on all of us. So I think that all of us are going to lose our minds if she doesnt figure out this whole thing.

    • Hailey says:

      In this comment I could really tell that you were angry, that’s how I picture Dussel in this part of the play. I agree with you that he would rather not have gone into hiding with them, but it was the right decision for him, it’s better than concentration camps. However I don’t think that her being antsy will get them caught by the Germans.

    • Sophie says:

      Well said Bret, I can definitely image Mr. Dussel thinking that and expressing it in a journal. I also like your terrific word choice!

      • Cassandra says:

        Dussel is new to the Annez becasue of something that currently happened to him so Mr.Kraler and Miep brought him to the Annex because he has no other place to go and is very lucky guy. But anyway I feel sorry for him because on the first night he was there he was already fustrated with Anne because to him she is a very annoying girl. Other than that I agree with what you wrote and what good word choice you have!

        • Mollie says:

          I really liked your commet one thing is that in the first sentence it is actually annex not annez . Other then that I agree that Dussel is getting annoyed with Anne and just being couped up with everyone else

    • Brandon says:

      Thats is very true Bret. She is driving everybody insane. I think it is worse for you because you have to sleep in the same room. I think she will get us so crazy that she will make us almost kill her. Anne has the tendency to piss all of another or us off at one time. I think she does what she does just to see what will happen. Usually whom she is messing around with will scream at her. You were right about how Anne was or is going to get them into those camps by when she sleeps. I predict that someone might kill her first before the Green Police.

    • Rex says:

      Bret, I can definitely see Mr. Dussel saying and writing those things. It was enjoyable to read and I can picture Mr. Dussel pulling out his hair while writing this in a diary. It makes me laugh thinking about it. I also like the good word choice like “shenanigans”.

    • Austin says:

      Great entry, Bret! I adore your hysterical comments such as, “I don’t know what she (Anne) is thinking or if she is thinking half the time.” This is a very well said comment and matches Mr. Dussel’s attitude as well. I also honor you for including the story’s situations like Anne’s disturbances during the nights that keep Mr. Dussel awake. I completely agree with you that if Anne continues these annoyances, she will cause everyone to be caught by the Green Police.

    • Brice says:

      Well done bret, i feel like that is a very true diary entry. I could sense that anger that you encouperated into your post.

    • Mark says:

      I agree with you Dussel(Bret), I could see Dussel getting mad at Anne as well as everybody else. She causes many problems up here in the Annex. I would rather not hide with the Franks as well because it just causes a better chance of being discovered by the Green Police. I like how you said that if the war did not end soon that Dussel would lose it. You have good word choice and a diary entry that makes sense.

    • Rachel says:

      This is a really good post because it expresses everybody emotions in it. I could tell that you are getting very annoyed and angry with Anne right now. You probably aren’t getting much sleep too because of all the racket she makes. That is some very good and expressive writing.

  3. change what you know says:

    January 1,

    I have slept soundly since Anne gave me the ear plugs. I have thanked her many times over. I have heard only good news from Mr. Kraler so far. I am afraid of what has happened to my house and to my office. It seemed wrong to have been so mean to Anne considering she gave everyone a gift. I feel ever so guilty. Now that I have done this I feel better I must do something in return. I will check everyones teeth for cavities and other problems. It seems that woulld be the correct thing to do for everyone. Till tommorow. I will write again soon. Yet this my only way to stay sane anyway.


  4. Austin says:

    My entry is from the perspective of Peter, complaining about Anne’s obnoxious attitude and actions. Enjoy!

    November 1942
    Dear Diary,

    Why does it not surprise me Anne is once again being a nuisance? (Sarcastic phrase) Every day, she causes disruptions, noises, and of course, problems. I don’t understand why she can’t just be normal like Margot. It almost seems like most of the people I am staying with are frustrated with Anne too- especially Mr. Dussel. She almost got us caught by the Green Police after screaming from a nightmare! At that point, I couldn’t control my anger with her. But thank God I did. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if we got caught. I would never see my precious cat or enjoy a cigarette in my life ever again! Now I’m scared just thinking those thoughts, but only one patrol has passed through here. That’s comforting to think about, but the planes pass over our heads every day, usually in the mornings. Just recently, a thief came and robbed of us of our money and a few other items. I pray this criminal won’t tell the police about our village like what Mr. Dussel said. I am grateful though we are still alive and safe. Until we are completely secure, Anne will still be “Mrs. Quack-Quack.”

    • Jamie says:

      I love your post! By what you said, Peter is very emotional about Annes obnoxiousness. It seems like Peter wants to shut Anne out and not have anything to do with her.

  5. Valerie says:

    Dear Diary,
    My sister Anne is going to drive me mad! All she does all day is complain, and then later, all she’ll do is fight with mother. Mother is also kind of getting on my nerves, all she does is tell Anne to be more like me! I am sick and tired of always being the good girl who is the perfect examle for everything and everyone. Then, when I do make a mistake, everyone notices it. I hope that the war is over soon, oh how I long to go outside and read under a majestic tree on a warm summer’s afternoon. Hanukkah this year was better than we all expected. Anne make little gifts for everyone out of things we had lying around. For me she took my crossword puzzle book and eased all of the answers so I could do it again. I was so happy with her and so thankful that even though we are in hiding we can still celebrate Hanukkah, and sing the song. That night we had a bit of a scare when father went downstairs to see where the noise had come from. We were all praying that the Green Police hadn’t found us. Thankfully it was just a burgaler. The only thing we are frightened of now is that there is someone out there who knows where and who we are. So if he ever gets caught, then he might just tell where we are. Right now we are all on our toes and being extra quiet during the days and when we hear noises. Oh how I wish the war could be over soon so I can leave this little attic. Also, Anne during the night had a nightmare, and woke up the whole house. She had a dream that scared her half to death and we all thought that someone outside heard her scream. Thankfully no one did and she got back to sleep just fine. I hope that it doesnt happen again.

    • Nicholas says:

      wow the words flow as if from the book itself. Trying to inspire creative writing that almost seems as if from the text is a very intricate quality and not a lot of people have it. The whole entry is vivid with description and creativity that I find extremely unmatchable.

    • Dominic says:


      you speak as if you actually know her. Nice words and Entry 🙂

  6. Jonas says:

    Dear diary
    This Anne is driving me to the point of going absolutly insane. All of her constant annoyances that are some day going to get all of us caught by the green police. So if I am going to stay in this annex. This girls parents are going to have to dicepline this girl and teach her that this is a matter of life and death or I will have to find another place to hide.

    • Nikolas says:

      Jonas are you talking about Mr. Dussel because Mr. Kraler is not in the annex with Anne. So he does not know what she is doing to drive people insane.

    • Bret says:

      If you were talking about Mr. Dussel or another member of the annex then i would agree with what you said 100%. Like Nikolas said Mr. Kraler is the one who helps miep with bringing them food and news about the war that is going on.

    • Shazad says:

      Sorry, but you have seemed to mix up your characters. Mr. Kraler is the owner of the office down stair from the attack. Mr. Dussel is the Man who gets frustrated with Anne, and Mr. Dussel isn’t violent. He only gets angry with Anne/Peter because they annoy Mr. Dussel. (Except Peter, he just broke the lamp shade, plus gives away their location.)

    • Kyle says:

      I really liked your post, but it sounds more like something Mr. Dussel would say.

  7. Britta says:

    November 13, 1942
    It’s Peter again. I’m am so satiated and displeased with Anne’s behavior lately. Today she thought it would be so ludicrous as to try on my clothes and trot around the Annex in them, pretending to be me. She will think of the most atrocious buffoonery and try it out on us. I think that Mr. Dussel has it worst out of all of us. He has to sleep wit her every night for heaven’s sake. She thrashes around every night essentially giving away our location. I swear if she does anything else to exasperate any of us, no one’s going to be able to take it anymore. We’ll see what she does next. Hopefully it’s not as unsatisfactory as it could be. But just wait and see, she’ll go and do something careless and blow this whole thing for all of us and that will be the end for all of us.

    • Hailey says:

      One thing i really liked about your post is your word choice, like the words, satiated, ludicrous, atrocious. Not many people says those words, but I like how you incorporated it.

    • Bret says:

      I agree with Hailey you had awesome word choice better than anybody’s Ive seen so far. I also like what you said because if Peter were to write int he diary i think that is just about exactly what she would say, but now that we are farther in the book i think that he would have different opinions about her.

  8. Hailey says:

    Dear Diary,
    At this point, I don’t know what to do with my daughter, Anne. I, as her mother should be taking responsibility of keeping her under control, but it’s hard since she is constantly getting herself into trouble. I’m almost losing my mind with all of the trouble she is causing everyone. Her constant whining and complaining is driving us all insane, especially poor Mr. Dussel who has to share a room with her. When I tell her to stop and try to be on her best behavior she always gets mad at me, and that’s not what I want, since she is my daughter, but what all can I do about it? Yes I know, it’s hard being cooped up in this tiny area with so many people, especially since she is only a 13-year-old girl. But she has to understand that we are all going through the same thing, and that it is unfair for her to be such a nuisance.
    Mrs. Frank

    • Steven says:

      This is a well written diary entry and sounds like it is actually from Mrs. Frank herself. It has a great point of view in the eyes of Mrs. Frank. I’m sure if someone read this and did not know you wrote this, they would actually think Mrs. Frank wrote this. Keep up the great writing and maybe you will get the chair next week.

    • Austin says:

      Phenomenal job with Mrs. Frank, Hailey. Your comment shows her emotion and concern with Anne greatly. Not only that, but she does not show anger towards Anne like in the story, but disappointment. I appreciate you’re your phrase, “it’s hard being cooped up in this tiny area with so many people, especially since she is only a 13-year-old girl.” I like how you included that Anne is only 13 years of age. Teenagers become very sensitive growing up in their thoughts and actions. This is a good reason for Anne’s foolish actions and behavior.
      P.S. – Good word choice!

    • Janelle says:

      I think you have Mrs. Frank’s attitude down magnificently. You really show what Mrs. Frank would write in her diary beautifully. Also, I don’t know how far you were in the story when you posted this, but you might want to mention how Anne always turns away from her mother constantly, but it really is, in all, a fantastic post.

    • Paul says:

      Mrs. Frank,
      This is so true so what you should do is let her hang out in Peters room and do want she wants. The only thing she should have to do is be quite when those stupid Nazis are around. She should not have to do school work because we are not getting out of here anytime soon. This will let off some of her steam.
      Your Welcome,


    • Kelly says:

      Dear Edith,
      I know that Anne can bother everyone from time to time, but she’ll start acting more like an adult if you and I just talk to her about it. She bothers me as well when she acts like a child. I to am upsetted by Anne’s behavior. The way she talks to you and the way she acts, pulling all of these pranks and doing just about nothing but complaining about the smallest matters. And I agree with you on what happened just this week. When you asked her nicely to be on her best behavior for Mr. Dussel she just got angry for reason!

      Sincerely, Otto

    • Luke says:

      When I read your blog it felt like it should have been in the book. Anne does need to realize that everyone is going through the same thing that she is. Even though she is 13 years old she still needs to act a little older because it is a matter of life and death going on to live there in that attic. All and all great blog Hailey.

    • Heather says:

      This entry was really good and sounded exactly like something Mrs. frank would have said. If i didn’t know you wrote this I would have thought Mrs. Frank did!

    • Hayden says:

      Hailey, this is a really good point of view. I agree with what you said about Anne always being annoying and causing trouble. Being Mrs. Frank, she should take the initiative and tell her to stop it! Mrs. Frank needs to learn some disciplinary actions to control that child.

  9. Steven says:

    Dear Diary,
    I, Mr.Frank, am a very happy man today. This day was the beginning of Hanukkah and you would never believe what my daughter, Anne, did. While we were around the menorah, Anne said that we should have gifts. We all said no because we were in tough times. Out of no where, Anne came out with a bag of gifts with exactly one gift per person. Everyone was happy including Dussel, who especially hates Anne. One thing i will never forget is when Mr. Van Daan (Hermann Van Pels) lit the cigarette that Anne gave her. The whole thing sputtered everywhere causing us all to chuckle. Right now i am wearing my beloved scarf that my daughter Anne gave me. It makes me know that we are all still in this together. Next year, I hope that we are free to celebrate Hanukkah and are able to give each other gifts for the eight days of Hanukkah.

    Liebes Tagebuch,
    Ich, Mr.Frank, bin heute ein sehr glücklicher Mann. Dieser Tag war der Beginn des Chanukka und Sie würden nie glauben, was meine Tochter, Anne, tat. Während wir uns um die Menora versammelten, sagte Anne, wir sollten Geschenke haben. Wir alle sagten nein, weil wir in schwierigen Zeiten waren. Aus dem Nichts kam Anne mit einem Sack voller Geschenke mit genau einem Geschenk pro Person. Jeder war glücklich, sogar Dussel, der Anne besonders hasst. Ich werde nie vergessen, wie wenn Herr van Daan (Hermann van Pels) die Zigarette, die Anne ihm gab, anzündete. Das Ganze sprühte überall hin, was uns alle kichern liess. Im Moment trage ich meinen geliebten Schal, den meine Tochter Anne mir gab. Es gibt mir die Gewissheit, dass wir noch alle zusammen halten. Ich hoffe, dass wir im nächsten Jahr in Freiheit Chanukka feiern und in der Lage sein werden, uns gegenseitig in den acht Tagen von Chanukka zu beschenken.

    • Nikolas says:

      Dear Steven, I like that you put your entry in German at the end. I like the Idea. I woulod have done this but i barelt know german.

    • Cassandra says:

      I see that not only you just wrote this in english but also in Dutch? I’m not sure what is that but anyways I like your diary journal becasue it is about Hanukkauh and about how Anne appreiciates everyone but of course they do not know that because over the past few days everyone has been strict on Anne because they complain how she is not lady like and how she sould be more like Margot! But of course you would know Anne by now that she is stubborn and how she wants to live her life the fullest … But of course she can’t because of how the Nazi’s are after the Jews. That was off the subject but I see why you wrote your diary entry like this because Anne wants to show them that she is more then an immature girl that does not know manners at all. (Well I think that is why you wrote this because fact that Anne is nice to?)

    • Sam says:

      Stephen this is simply amazing. How you translated the English into Dutch!! I am REALLY impressed. Also, I like how you you described the goodness of Anne and not just her being annoying. All and all im astounded how you did this.

    • Paige says:

      This was fantastic Steven! I found it all so great! Especially when you added some of their language that they had spoken towards the end of your entry. I love how positive it was and it really seemed as if you were Mr.Frank!

    • Matt says:

      Awesome post, you really captured a good part of the story which had a bit of happiness within it. Also I like how you were able to implement voice into your entry.

      P.S.: Nice Google Translate

      • Steven says:

        Not all Google Translate. When I read it some sentences made no sense. This made me have to go in and edit some of the words and sentences. If you put the German one to Google Translate right now, it will look nothing like the English one. This happens because Germany (and other countries) have different words and sentence structures.

    • Sierra says:

      I loved the journal entry and the way you put it in German at the end. I did think it was very thoughtful of Anne to give gifts for Hanukkah.

    • Trevor says:

      I really like your entry, Steven. It reads as if it was written by Mr. Frank. I also like how you translated it into German and added that to the post.

  10. Sophie says:

    Dear Diary,
    I just don’t know what to do with my Anne. She completely shuts me out of her life, and runs to her father instead of me. I know I shouldn’t be jealous; it’s great that she has someone to run to when she is upset. I hope it is just a phase that she is going through and maybe soon our bickering will cease. I sometimes hear what Anne says about me to her father, that I baby her too much and I don’t understand her. I wish I COULD understand her and that she would talk to me. What I do know is that she longs to go outside again, and just play with her friends again and have a normal life. I think we all wish for that.
    -Mrs. Frank

    • Cassandra says:

      I like your Diary Entry Sophia becasue it is also similar to mine because Mrs. Frank is frustrated with Anne and that Anne is very mischiveous and so MArs. Frank has had enough with her and she is very uspest with her. But in Hanukkauh she gives a suprise to everyone and gives out presents. You know I did not expect her to do that because of what Anne’s actions and how she acts towards other so this suprised me the most, you know?

    • Madison says:

      Sophia , While I was reading this I actually imagened the mothere saying this! This is wonderful, And its good to see the moms Point of view. Great job, yours is amazing.

    • Valerie says:

      Sophie, That was a good post! It’s hard to not have someone to run to, but it’s also hard to realize that someone doesn’t want to run to you. It is good that you recognised both of those aspects in your post.

  11. Brandon says:

    Dear Diary,
    Anne has been driving me crazy! She says it’s just some harmless fun, but she stole my PIPE! When I lost my pipe I had no idea where it went. Then, of course, Anne was hiding it behind her back. That just broke the limit of insanity that Anne has done so I went nut’s on her. I think I taught her never ever to touch my pipe again. But that didn’t do the trick. After that incident, she spills milk on my wife’s fur coat. Now that went over my limit of insanity so I went berserk. I nearly killed her! Then every tensions calmed down so we went to bed. A couple days later Anne had a nightmare and everybody woke up and I thought someone, hopefully Anne, was getting murdered. I can’t stand one more minute of the that most annoying thing in the planet. I will see if I don’t kill her next time I write to you my diary.

    • Nikolas says:

      Braden what person are you from the play. i don’t see were you wrote it down at. I think it’s Mr. Vandaan but maybe you should add next time. That’s just my opinion.

    • Tanner says:

      I completely understand! That girl thinks she is funny, cute, and so darn clever. But she is a neusance to everyone living here! I don’t know how Dussel has kept his sanity with rooming with her. Mr. and Mrs. Frank have got to pull their daughter together. I’m not sure her dieing is the best alternative, perhaps tieing her down to a pole and gagging her with a cloth would be better. That way we don’t have the blood on our hands, and she can’t play any foolish tricks and make all that ruckus. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve survived two years with that brat. If i have to wait one more day, I’ll go and turn myself in to the Nazis, whatever gets me away from HER!

    • Paige says:

      Great job Brandon! I found the fur coat a bit confusing especially since he doesn’t really care for the fur coat and wants to get rid of it. Other wise you did a great job on your entry and I love the strong vocabulary.

    • Luke says:

      That was a great blog! I totally get where you are comming from with Anne i can relate to that even now with my sister. Well maybe nit the pipe, but other than that she is just like her. I hope that Anne starts t mature and and act her own age.

  12. Shazad says:

    Dear Journal,

    Today I went looking for my shoes, but for some reason they where missing. I went to Anne to see if she had spotted my shoes, but what I didn’t know is that she stole my shoes! Most of all she been in my room, and she Seemed to not even care! I chased her down for my shoes, as fled from my upcoming wrath. She was getting away; I knew it was now or never. With an abrupt lunge for my shoes, I grabbed her, but us both immediately to the rugged floor. I soon pin her down and endeavor reach for my shoes, but Anne squirmed my shoes away from my grasp. Then when things couldn’t of have gotten worse, Mrs. Frank got onto me, and Anne. This was so embarrassing that I just snatched my shoes and toke off for my room. Before I could escape from the Anne the neanderthal she asked to dance with her again. I told her I didn’t know how, how many times do I have to repeat my self to her? She even offered to teach me on how to dance, what part of “No” she doesn’t understand, to get out of dancing I told her I had to feed my cat. She asked if she can watch, she doesn’t get hints very well, I told her no and escaped into my room. Man, how long is this war going to last, I can’t take living with her for one more day!
    Really aggravated,

  13. Rex says:

    Dear Diary,
    Ever since I gave Anne that diary, she seemed to be even happier than usual. You would that that being happier is good, and for Anne it is, but to everyone else including me, it drives us off the deep end. I figured that I should make a diary myself to wash away my troubles, so here I am. I will right all of my troubles in here so I will be happier. My first trouble though is Anne. I get so irritated at her for the pranks she pulls, the noise she makes, and the constant complaining how she wants to act like an adult. I feel bad for my wife because it seems like Anne hates her. When she pulls pranks it makes everyone mad. Like the time when she stole Peter’s shoes, or the time when she shouted so loud at night because it was a nightmare, I believe I speak for all when I say she drives us up a wall that has no end. I also feel bad for Mr. Dussel. I know that Anne is my daughter and that I’m supposed to love more than life itself, but she can make it very difficult. Does it make me a bad father, saying that I don’t love my daughter? I don’t think so but, who knows.
    -Mr. Frank

    • Shazad says:

      I liked your entry, because you didn’t give away your character, and added the characters’ emotion. Mr. Frank though doesn’t get angry at Anne (well a little), but he confers her. Over all, it was terrific, and keep up the good work.

  14. Rudolph says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today I tried to get some sleep but Anne wouldn’t let me…. She kept screaming in her sleep and making a ruckus. I wish we could somehow sew up her mouth without hurting her… It would be funny, but kind of mean. I wish this Holocaust wasn’t happening, I don’t like the fact that we have to be couped up in this house. I just can’t wait till all of this is over with.

    Signing off,


    • Luke says:

      I get what you were saying about Anne. I would have to agree about sewing her mouth shut so that she would be less of a ruckus. I also agree with how you said you wanted the holocaust to be finnally over. I can relate with how you said that you want it to be over it is just like how there where slaves. A lot has happened with our history and I wish that it has never happened. One thing to work on is to have more detail in to have more detail in your work because it is just a couple sentences long and it would be better is your work was just better written.

  15. Nicholas says:

    Dear Journal,
    Mr. Van Daan
    I can take it no more, Anne Frank is a disruptive child. Day after day of listening to her rebelious views is just plain aggrovating. Even though I try my most to relate to this little girl, I simpily fail to get close to accepting her. I say, that wild beast one day is going to scream and scream the joy or hate out of her little heart and draw us out of hidding. The last thing I would want is to be killed or arrested by the green police due to that insane girl. Lately I have asked her to calm down her attitude but I can barely hold my wrath in to punish her harshly. She does not listen, even when we really need her cooperation. It is pure torture to constantly listen to this child moan and rebel with these repulsive statements of hate and rage twoards her own mother. In fact thats all we seem to do around here is complain about how we have to live our lives in this crisis but going back to how we lived before would be disaster now. Anne, I think, is the center peice of the hatred in this “house” of ours. I would define her rights as a child but we are not of the same family in my mind. I think her parents are doing a very poor job of controling her. Though With all the flowing rage in my chest waiting to erupt, we have had some good times with the two families (including anne that is). After all we seem to have a lot of celebration because of her. My feelings and my emotions can twist and turn but I think thats how I’m still alive up here.

    I’m now not shure,
    Mr. Van Daan

  16. Seth says:

    Dear Journal,
    Ms. Quack Quack went in to my room today she is such a pest! I gues she wanted to see Mouschi she knows shes not allowed to! She is so aggrivating! She keeps offering me books? I don’t know what to say besides no. My dad yelled at me again over Mouschi he is alos such a aggrivation to me. Annex is doing quite fine. Mr.Kraler and Miep are doing fine as well. Miep recently brought matches, and more food.

  17. Nikolas says:

    Dear Dairy,
    Peter here and I’m so worried if I will see mushi ever again. Hopefully Mr. Kraler will find Mushi and brings him back before something bad happens to him. Anne as usual is driving everyone mad from her loud voice to her always arguing with everyone in the annex. Mr. Kraler and Meip had come over to bring us a cake and to wish us a good new year. Anne and I have been talking a lot lately and it’s starting to freak out mother. What’s the big deal we’re just talking and getting along with each. At least we are not bickering at each other 24/7. I’ll write again whenever I get the chance to.

  18. Cassandra says:

    My Diary Entry is about how Mrs. Frank and how she is annoyed of how Anne is acting… but also she does not know that in Hanukkah Anne brought gifts for her and the rest of the people that are living in the Annex.
    Dear Diary,
    Today starts Hanukauh! And it was an interesting day it was you see. No little do I know my child Anne is sometimes arrogant, immature, un-lady like, unpleasant and so on. The past few days Anne and me has been arguing non-stop, and it was annoying me! She been saying all this nonsense about it was unfair that my other GOOD daughter Margot is not getting any scolding. Well there is a reason why Margot is not as arrogant as Anne it is because she stays out of trouble, she is pleasant, she always shows respect towards others, and always stays out of the drama that of course Anne is causing. Other then that today I would tell you were very surprising. She gave presents to everyone even me! Everyone was shocked what happened because know one that Anne the rascal of a daughter if mine would actually give presents to us. This makes me change my opinion and attitude to her. Or so I thought well only time will tell so wish me luck!
    Mrs. Frank

    • Nikol says:

      Wow! I really liked this post from Mrs. Frank’s point of view. It brings out relationship between Anne and Mrs. Frank. Also the relationship between her and the whole annex. It was totally amazing!

  19. Janelle says:

    I am wallowing in my sorrow. Mr. Van Dann has given my coat to Miep to sell! My beautiful coat that my father gave me long ago, sold! It was only the best for me. He says that I am being selfish and that someone out there is in desperate need of my elegant coat. but he is wrong, all those that could even afford my coat in these harsh time, though there are few of those left I imagine, already have a coat just as lavish. He says that it could fetch a fair price, and heaven knows we need all the money we can get, but we would need the entire town to pool together their money to get even half of what it’s worth. I am also very worried about Peter and Anne. They are too close for my liking and peter is a growing boy, he needs his sleep, and there’s no way he can sleep with Anne in the room, I know, I’ve tried. Well I suppose I will address this matter in the morning.

    Still fuming about my coat,
    Mrs. Petronella Van Daan

  20. Brice says:

    Dear Jounal,
    Today has been horrible i have been sittting listening and trying to think, but i can’t over that ANnoying brat anne. SHe has been friving me nuts, i can’t here my self think over her. She keeps saying that she is just trying to have some harmless fun, but it is the exact opposite of that. She is breaking things, throwing fits, and worst of all, she never shuts up about anything! She has to be right about eveything, no matter how stupid or rediculous.

    • Mollie says:

      I few things first, who’s perspective is this from? Second, there were a couple spelling errors, you could always copy and paste this into word and fix the spelling issues. Other then that I agree that everyone is getting annoyed with Anne!

    • Matthew says:

      Lots of spelling and grammar errors. Please proofread before posting. Try typing this up in Word first and checking spelling.

    • Anthony says:

      I like how there has almost always been a common theme of how annoying Anne is, though I find it funny how Peter could be considered the one who really compromised their position. It’s a great post, I think it shows the anger in his or her voice, but that’s my main problem; who’s speaking?

  21. Mark says:

    Dear Diary,
    I have gotten to the point where my anger is at its most. Anne has been bugging me for a long time. The girl will not give me a break. The thing I mean about that is she will not let me rest in my room with my cat for five minutes without going crazy. The other day she sneaked into my room and stole a couple of my items. I didn’t realize that she took something out of my room until I got there. I had to run around the annex to find her. It took me a while to find her because she was hiding from me in the dark corner. Once I found her I went berserk and started to scream at her (my bad). The only good thing out of this is that I got my stuff back. The bad part is that I got in trouble by the adults because they are so worried about being taken. This girl is going to get on everybody’s nerves. They may get to the point where they scream at her and give our position away to the Green Police. I hope she matures soon and begins to have respect for my belongings. I understand that she 3 years younger than me so I have to be nice. She doesn’t understand that if we get caught our life is ruined. That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me or any other free Jew. Anne is the most annoying person ever and I hope that we can stop hiding so I can get away from her.
    I hope the Green Police never find us hiding in the annex.

  22. Paul says:

    Dear Anne,
    I have been mad at your problems lately. You and your mother should just make up your problems and figure it out that way. Because your problems are driving everyone crazy. You and your mom are yelling at each other and annoying everyone. If you and your mother can not make up your mind then go to a secluded room where no way can hear you yelling. But one thing you did that i like was giving everyone Hanukkah presents. This does not mean i like you. Sorry Anne
    Yours Truly,

    • Carmine says:

      I like your entry. I really didn’t get who you were. You put Yours Truly, Paul
      and that didn’t make since. Were you in the annex writing the diary? You could do better.

  23. Madison says:

    January 1944

    This House, this rat hole I can’t bare it! One, There is no privacy in the damn place. Anne won’t ever hush, she is always talking..Always! I am sick of staying here I want to go home, I want to go back and go to work . I have to admit I am warming up to the people here, there like my family. They are my family. Even Anne, who I couldn’t Stand in the beginning I have grown quite fond of. I had no idea she cared enough to make presents. When She gave me ear plugs I felt a sense of warmth, like I am welcomed here. One day, I will be able to Leave this place, and get back to the way things were. I will never forget what these friends did for me.

    Yours truly,

  24. Tanner says:

    Dear Journal,
    Anne has got to be the most obnoxious girl every bourn! Every day she has some little scheme made up in her mind to aggravate everyone in the annex here. I’m surprised the Nazis haven’t already discovered us! She is too loud and never knows when to turn it off. She is not a normal girl; she is some beast that is going to get us sent to concentration camps! If we have to duct tape her mouth shut every time we have to go silent, then I will gladly be willing to do so. And now she is trying to get some action going with Peter? Well, I will not have my son interacting with some foolish child such as her. Even if she is one of the only two girls in the annex here, my son can wait until after the holocaust to be with a woman. Also, I can’t believe they actually think that rats are stealing the food. I only am taking what I need to survive. I’m rich and I’m a big man, I need all the food I can get so stay in minced condition. I’m not going to starve myself because some foolish soldiers are threatening our people. All I want is for the Americans, the British, and the Russians to come and liberate us quickly so I go home and have everything be back the way it used to be.
    -Mr. Van Daan

    • Nikol says:

      Tanner your entry from Mr. Van Daan’s point of view was amazing. It captivated my mind as if Mr. Van Daan truly had a journal and responded to the crazy antics of Anne. It was absolutely captivating.

  25. Kelly says:

    Mrs. Frank
    Anne makes me so angry sometimes! All we do is argue over on how she acts. She needs to stop acting like such a child and start behaving more of an adult. I love her of course. It’s just that sometimes she really gets on my nerves. She knows that me must stay quiet as much as possible, and sometimes do nothing but be quiet. But she just keeps talking away. She really does seem to be enjoying that diary of hers though. Ever since Otto got it for her birthday, all she has been doing is writing in that plaid book with the new pen she got along with it. And I’m happy for her! I’m glad to see dong what she loves. Writing. She’s always wanted to become a journalist after all.

  26. Sam says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today I was in the main room looking for a snack. Did I forget it was also pretty late? Oh well, like it reallhy matters to me. Now back to my story. So i was getting my snack and out of no where Dussel comes up and grabs and starts calling me thief!! Mr. Frank hearing all the comosion came in and tried to get Dussel off of me. However, he could not, he then proceeded to call Peter, my son, to help him. After they got Dussel off of me, Mrs. Frank came in and yelled at me as she seemed pretty upset. My wife then came in and stuck up for me saying “He is bigger than anyone else, therefore needing more.” But now Mrs. Frank is insisting we leave the Annex putting us out on streets. I am very worried. I do not really care if Peter comes as i do not really appreciate his presence.
    Very hungry and worried,
    Mr. Van Dan

  27. Kelly says:

    Mrs. Frank

    Another day gone by. Being cooped up in this little attic has been starting to get to everybody. We are starting to realize how small this place really is. We have to share a ration book with somebody else. Although one ration book can only feed one person a day, we must share a day’s worth of food with another person. And Hanukkah will be coming up in a few months, and I have been thinking on what we will do as gifts. I don’t know how we will solve that problem. Well figure something out I’m sure.

    • Christina says:

      I really like how you wrote from Mr. Frank’s point of view. The way how you wrote this post, really gave the reader the sence the Mr. Frank is concerned about everyones metal and physical health. And it also shows that even though there is an abundance of things going on in the world at that time, he still is worried about everyone getting a present on hannukah. I really enjoyed your post, it was well written, and keep up the good work. 🙂

  28. Paige says:

    Dear Diary,

    How can a someone act so childish when they are just a few years younger than me? Anne may be a pretty girl but she sure gets on my nerves. Always messing with Mouschi as if he was a stuffed animal. I understand she is always trying to have fun and make living in the “Secret Annex” a positive environment but she’s not very good at it at all! She just gets way to obnoxious and over excited. At least she gave everyone a gift for Hanukkah. I really shouldn’t complain. At least she’s a good listener and is enjoyable to talk to once in awhile. I just wish she would act a little more grown up and stop expecting to be treated as an adult. Otherwise I really can not complain.

    Well it’s about dinner time for Mouschi better go get a good dinner for him, then off to bed. Write tomorrow after my studies.



  29. Nicole says:

    Dear Diary,
    My sister is absolutely crazy. She has no idea how much she is making me go insane. Each day she has to always mess something up or have someone yell at her for something she does. But today was Hanukkah and we could not afford and presents. Which I am completely okay with because I was just happy to be with my family. But Anne she put some silly lamp shade on her head and who would have guessed she had presents! I think that I got the best one of all she got a holed of my cross word booklet and erased all of my answers, so I had to redo everything but I though It was the best idea ever!
    So so so happy,

    • Riley says:

      I reallt like you’r entry because you do so well going into the mind of Margot. Which is quite hard for me because I’m not very good at reading her actions because she hardly ever talks.But overall I love your post!

    • Chloe says:

      I think this sounds really good! I understand where Margot is coming from and i defintiely see her saying that

  30. Matt says:

    Dear Journal,

    It turns out that living up in this annex might not be that bad after all. Anne has seemed to come around and at least attempted to be more mature. Although after that night that we had all though they had found us, I’m beginning to grow extremely nervous. Especially now that is a man threating us with blackmail. In the process of all of that mischief my cat has gone missing which worries me deeply. On top of all that now we have to spare our food even more now that Mr. Dussel has moved in and to be honest I don’t like him very much. In spite of all those problems I think I’ll be okay now that Anne is slowly becoming less of a pest. That is all I have to rant and praise on for now, until next time.


  31. Isaac says:

    Dear Diary,

    I can’t believe that Mr. Vandan was steeling bread last night! He should know we only have a limited amount of food since the people who provided the ration books were arrested this past week. I hope he gets kicked out, he deserves it. When I get out of here, if I ever get out of here, I want to eat all the food I can get my hands on because I’m so hungry I could eat a horse or two. It’s not just me that is hungry; all of us are because of those darn Nazis who make us have ration books. I absolutely hate being cooped up like a defenseless chicken all day. I can;t move or even talk, and with the food shortage it makes everything much worse, believe me! Will write latter maybe.


  32. Luke says:

    Dear Diary,
    I think that we are sure to be found and go off to the concentration camps with the rest of the Jews. Unless a miracle happened and Anne finally kept quiet so we don’t get sent off to camp.. Speaking of Anne, she is getting on my last nerve with being obnoxious; not listening, and she and Mrs. Frank do not stop arguing day after day. The only good thing that she has done so far is get gifts around the house so that them all and a Hanukah gift. The good thing was that they all were thought full gifts that she gave to her family and that is all that counts. Everyone is freaking out in the Annex house, they don’t even hear them self’s and how they’re acting towards one another. I hope that the Nazis solders don’t find us in this small attic. We have been pretty sneaky so far but now they were just outside snooping around and they almost found us. It was one of the scariest moments that i have ever had in my life. Well there all gone now and Anne still won’t stop talking so i am going to go to bed now. Good night.
    Mr. Frank-

  33. Heather says:

    Dear Diary,
    My daughter, Anne, never does what she’s told. I’m frustrated that she always wants to be treated like an adult, but never acts like one. I can never seem to get through to her. I wish she’d be more like Margot. I would have to say that she has been a little more grown up since she’s been talking to peter. I think it’s good for her to be able to talk to someone somewhat close to her age. As for Mrs. Van Daan I can’t stand her one bit! She absolutely disgusts me! First, she thinks that Anne and Peter are up to something then she sticks up for Mr. Van Daan stealing. I don’t think I will be able to stand it up here in the annex for much longer. I am going to burst with these people here!
    -Mrs. Frank

    • Ashley says:

      Your tone sounded just like Mrs. Frank in the story, good job! I loved your ideas on the events going on in her diary and how you portaryed them in this. Awesome job!

  34. Chloe says:

    Dear Diary,
    I love Anne to death but im afraid that everyone is getting annoyed with her. Not only is everyone annoyed with her i think she’s annoyed with me. I was a teenager once and i know what she’s going thought, but i want her to understand that she cant act like a child for the rest of her life. I dont think Anne knows what she wants. At one point she’ll be asking for me ot treat her like an adult and the next moment she’ll be damanding me to just let her be a kid. Anne has opened up to everyone alot more. She gave everyone something nice in return of everything she’s done to tick people off. I just wish i could have my sweet Anne like this everyday.
    Mrs. Frank

  35. Riley says:

    Dear Diary,
    For some odd reason I can’t seem to stop thinking about Anne lately. Recently we have been spending quite a bit of time together, and I believe it’s starting to get to me. Every day she seems more and more interesting, and I am beginning to have some feelings for her. When ever she comes to hang out in my room I seem to have a great time even though we are all currently living a nightmare. I’m starting to find her quite attractive, even though she is a few years younger than me.
    Lately everyone has been finding her very annoying, but I think she is trying to change a bit. She definitely showed a change when she gave everyone gifts for Hannuka. Though we all are growing very hungry and we can’t keep this up for much longer before someone gets sick, or we are caught by the Green Police.
    Until next time,

    • Carmine says:

      I realy like your post. Your righting has been geting better ever week. I like how you meshined the part about Hannuka. Keep up the writing.

  36. Mollie says:

    Dear Diary,
    I am slowly losing my patience with Anne, sometimes I just wish she could me more like Margot: smart and on task! She is making us all go crazy, we have such a small space already and her big attitude is making us all the more mad! And I feel as if she doesn’t trust me as much as her farther she always wants her farther. I really hope that the war will end soon so we can get out and have come fresh air!

  37. Mollie says:

    This is the perspective of Mrs. Frank.

  38. Nikol says:

    I am finding myself becoming a far new different Anne. I have been locked in a attic for many moons and I have been overwhelmed by sadness and fear that the war is not dying down, nor will it soon. And can I say that things are going to get better, no. A few nights ago I was awakened to a very large horde of people angry and fearful that I have not only awakened them but yelled into the quite darkness almost giving us away. Yet i did not, it was Peter who fell while someone was lurking below stealing Mr.Kraler’s belongings. We remained alert and still on it for one of Mr. Kraler’s workers is black mailing him. But I do see a silver lining! Peter and I have been having these talking sessions where I can vent my day out and he will completely understand. Ahaha! I wish those hours would never end.

    • Christina says:

      I really enjoyed the way how you wrote your paragraph and really brought forth it’s style. It was very well written and seems like it had a lot of effort put into it. It was also very interesting to me, how you made it sound like you were someone during that time period by how you spoke in your paragraph. Well done, and I believe you post is worth a five.

  39. Zachary says:

    January 26, 1944

    Dear Dairy By Mr Frank
    As I watch Anne grow, in this new live, we begin almost two years ago. I watch her day and night think whats is happen out there, think each day of my daughter. As watch Anne struggle with this new set of family, arguing with every single one of them as if her life depended on it. She grows closer to me and farther from my wife. When everyone looks at her they see a annoying little brat, but when I look at her I see much more then I could possible manage. Even in this darkest of times, Anne was able to keep this sense of happiness which I haven’t seen in along. Today as watch Anne meet Peter in his room it seems my little girl is growing, even thorough Mr. Dussel waits impatiently. Don’t worry about this bomb raids or the Green Police, but if my daughter makes it thorough this terrible war which she can she the light of day again. Gott segne uns und behüte uns durch diese schreckliche Katastrophe. (God bless us and protect us through this dreadful catastrophe)

  40. Hayden says:

    I am Peter Van Daan. It is June 29, 1942 and we are still in hiding. Anne is always bothering me and will not leave me alone. The other night, she had another nightmare! She woke everyone up and I couldn’t go back to sleep. The only thing funny, is that Dussel freaked out and got mad. My parents do not understand me. Everything I do is a nuisance even though Anne is always playing and wanting to play with Mouschi when I have informed her 20 times, NO! But oh no it’s all about Anne. But the other night, we actually had a pretty decent discussion about some things. Ah who cares? I don’t. All I know is that I’m gonna survive and hope for the best!

    Peter Van Daan

    • Jordan says:

      I think you did well discribing the conflict within the annex with anne, and their confinement. It sounds like you are actually there because that seems like something that Mr. Van Daan would be concerned about and acknowlege in a diary entry.

  41. Carmine says:

    Dear diary,
    It seems like I am becoming friends with Anne. Actually we are becoming more than friends. When we were first arrived in the annex I didn’t want to live her that much. But when I knew Anne was going to live here to I was about to shoot myself. She was obnoxious and annoying, and got on everyone’s nerves. She was a disaster waiting to happen. Like the time she spilt Milk on my mom’s fur coat. I have to admit that was pretty funny, when she put on my cloths that made me very made. But now she is the only person I can talk to. I think the reason why we became friends is because Mouschi left and I had no one to talk to. I am still sad that he is gone but he has lead me to a new friend, so for that I thank you. I can’t what to get out of this place but until then I will keep writing.

  42. Sierra says:

    Dear diary,
    I wish there was some way to make Anne trust me. All I really want is to be a mother. Comfort her when she is sad; nurse her when she is hurt or ill. Instead she wants her father to do this for her. She shuts me out; Margot never did this at her age. I don’t know why Anne does this. I love her and wish she wouldn’t shut me out anymore.
    ~Mrs. Frank

    • Daniel says:

      this is a really good post because you stated things actual mothers like to do with their daughters, and/or sons. i also liked how you used other refrences, such as saying “Margot never did this at her age.” All in all, this, in my opinion, was a good diary post.

  43. Jamie says:

    You know when you go to McDonalds and you order french fries and a milkshake? Ok, maybe a hamburger? Sometimes that is the only reason you go; there is only one thing to do in a situation like that. Dip your fries in the milkshake! Whoever in the world invented that you are
    People may argue that that is the most disgusting thing they have ever heard of, well i think that is a simple joy in the world that sometimes may make your day!

  44. Christina says:

    Dear diary,
    It seems that Anne has been getting on peoples nerves lately, especially mother’s and Mr. Dussel’s. Well, I do feel for Mr. Dussel,him having to share a room with Anne and all, but really I feel he has no room to talk. He came late to the party persay, and we were all generous enough to let him stay with us, and to share our food with him, but really he should stop complain and think about how good he has it right now! But mother, I believe Anne has been a little bit harsh to her. Mother is tryin to make her a proper lady, and Anne really needs to stop fighting her an just give into the inevitable. Though it was very sweet and mature of Anne to give everyone presents;she really made hanukkah this year special for everyone.
    Well that’s all I have to say for tonight!
    Yours truly,

    • Jordan says:

      When i read your comment it felt as if i was reading it straight out of her diary. You were very vivid in describing the events both in the annnex and outside of it.

  45. Rachel says:

    Dear Diary,
    I think that Anne is bothering us all. She won’t stop having those nightmares, and one day it’s going to be all her fault that we get caught by the Germans. I’m very surprised that the Germans aren’t knocking on our door yet. We were all praying that the Green Police hadn’t found us. The thief that heard us will go and tell the Germans where we are hiding so that he doesn’t get in as much trouble with them. Anne always has something wrong because she is constantly whining and complaining is driving us all insane. I feel sorry for Mr. Dussel who has to share a room with her.

  46. Jordan says:

    Dear Diary,
    Although Anne is basically being a neuscance to us all I think she should not have to leave or be hated by almost everyone in her family and the secret annex. I believe that my daughter Anne means well she is just a growing teen and is the least mature out of all of us; both in age and in her behavior. Anne has been very stressed lately being stuck up here for a year with the same people. I just wish she could have a day, just one day to go outside, meet new friends and otherwise just be a kid; it would release all the energy that she has built up for over a year. I know that is not possible though, well not unless she wants the Green Police coming after her and taking her to a Nazi death camp. Our living is cramped and too confined for eight people, not to mention that we have to share three ration books for eight people. I just hope the war will end soon and that the allies will someday liberate Amsterdam and we can finally live normally again.
    Auto Frank

  47. Ashley says:

    Dear Diary,
    I, Mrs. Van Daan of course, seem to have the worst of a time here in this house with all these, how do you say, strange family members. My husband for one, thinks he has all the rights to my properties can to whatever he pleases with them. My fur coat, beautiful coat, I have told you about before, well in his opinion has no value to me. He tried to give to Mr. Kraler to sell for an easy buck for himself, his food. I know that may sound terrible my coat over his food, but we all eat the same, and we are living just fine. Anne, so much to say about this child. Spills her drink onto my coat, and expects me to think nothing happened… She and her clumsy self should keep her distance from me if she knows whats good for her. Well, until next time, i bid you farewell, for now.
    Yours truely,
    Mrs. Van Daan

  48. Daniel says:

    Dear Diary,
    Oh, that Anne! she is so annoying. first, she has night terrors that wake me up, and keep me up, then she spills milk all over Mrs.Van Daans coat, which at first was filled with memories, AND NOW as filthy as a 20 year old rug. Then, her and Peter break a lamp, which could have gotten us all caught by the damn green police. to make matters worse, she as well as everyone else ganged up on me, and got in my grill when I said that Hanukkah was like Christmas,and something with St.Nicholas. I don’t know how she managed to get all those gifts, but that was the nicest thing she had done so far.

  49. Elijah says:

    One really super awesome thing is knowing who is calling you.
    I like knowing who is calling especialy if its important or if you dont want to talk to like a cop or family.

  50. Brynn says:

    Dear Diary,
    Anne is getting on my one and final nerve! She has the nerve to invade my one sanctuary, my room, and take my cloths! All i feel for her is contempt. She acts as if she is doing nothing wrong and is oblivious to our plight. I fear if she doesn’t not begin to act her age i will loss all self control and silence her myself. With the incessant screaming and nightmares, along with constant foolery, it will be just a matter of time before the Green Police discover us. The group is collapsing upon itself due to the childish way she conducts herself. We would all be better if she were not here but we must deal with the cards we are dealt.
    – Peter

  51. Dominic says:

    Dear Diary,

    I hate Anne. She messes with me like im her own mouchsi. She goes into my room, steals my shoes and pretty much everything i own. It’s hard enough living in this annex hell hole, but if she could just act her age, nobody would be so stimulated in a very bad way. I mean, shes cute and all, but she just really makes me mad sometimes. Well actually…i dont hate her, she just anoys me. But please, somebody make her….a little mature

  52. Edward says:

    Dear diary,
    I wish everybody would settle down I’m feeling like I’m glue in between us all. I also feel like a wedge with all this bickering and fights it feels almost like I’m the only sane person here I have to separate fights every time I turn around my wife in fact almost kicked the Van Dans out. I am worried about Anne she seems to be starting everything that makes fights. And then she runs to me her mother is starting to feel neglected .
    -Otto Frank

  53. Kyle says:

    Dear Diary,
    Ever since Anne has had that diary she has seemed to be a lot happier, so I’ve decided to get my own diary. It’s very hard running around town doing things that Anne and the others can’t do. Like when they first came to the annex they asked me to get them some ration books which are really hard to aquire. They also have me staying up all the time listening to the radio for news if the americans have started there raids on Germany, yet. This job is extrodinarily hard.
    Yours Truly,

  54. Tyler says:

    I’m fed up with this stupid cramped Annex. I think I’m going to Kill a German, steal his uniform so I can blend in. Hopefuly the oppurtunity will come so I can get out of here. As for Anne, I think I’m going to kill her. She won’t stop bouncing off the walls. I heard the Allied invasion has begun which means soon we’ll be safe from the Germans. Every day that goes by I wory that the theif has snitched on our hidding location. Till the next time,
    Mr. Dussel

  55. Trevor says:

    Dear diary,

    I can’t stand this anymore! Having to be in hiding is bad enough, but having to be in hiding with Anne, I absolutely hate her. She is the most rude and annoying child I have ever met! She is testing my patience each and every dreadful day in this place, during a night she had screamed and woke everyone up. But she did get everyone a gift for Hanukkah and it was kind of her to get me earplugs so I didn’t have to hear her squirming in her bed at night. I just hope we don’t get caught by the Green Police before the allies can get to us.

  56. Percy says:

    Dear Diary,
    Anne has gotten on my last nerve. All she ever does is make noise. I don’t think that I am the only one who is aggravated by her behavior. Mrs. Frank is just as irritated as I am, I think. Anne is a nuisance. She has broken things, ruined things, and potentially could have gotten us caught by the green police. She did, however, do something kind for us all. She figured a way to give us all Hanukkah gifts. I received ear plugs from her. ‘Twas a nice gesture. I hope we can get out of this annex soon!

  57. Austin says:

    Dear Diary,
    I’m a bit happy for Anne’s generous gift on Hanukkah. She has been rude, crazy and out of control but she makes one hell of a cigar. I think she realized from that day she need to make friends not enemy’s. lately she’s been as quiet and calm as her sister.

  58. Austin says:

    Bet wishes,

    -Mr. Van Daan

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