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Favorite Teacher Reflection

Take a moment to think of a teacher who has had a profound impact on you. What things did this teacher do that resonated with you in the time since you took his or her class? I will post my favorite teacher reflection as a model of an “A” post, so that you know what I am expecting as far as length and content.

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  1. Stewart, Matthew says:

    When I was in eleventh grade, I was fortunate enough to take Mrs. Batchelder’s AP English class. My friends and I, to this day, claim that Mrs. Batchelder taught us how to be better people.
    Her class was a creative haven where students could share their work openly. I had never been more eager to share my work and get positive and constructive feedback from my peers than when I was in her class. I honestly looked forward to reading what she had to say about my work. Knowing that she had over one hundred students, I knew that it must have taken her a long time to give each student his or her adequate time.
    Mrs. Batchelder had all of the qualities that make a great teacher. She was kind and thought highly of us. Having her respect was a great honor, and we reciprocated that respect. She also told wonderful stories to illustrate her lessons. These were always much more memorable than taking notes on lists of facts. Finally, she dedicated most of class time to letting us share our ideas. She didn’t have to stand up front and talk AT us. Instead, she listened TO us. I could take a cue or two from her and allow my students to be a much larger part of my classroom, or should I say THEIR classroom.

    • Tanner says:

      Mrs. Batchelder sounds like a very fun teacher to have. Although her way of teaching doesn’t agree with me. Having, as you said, over a hundred students, the ability for each individual student to share his or her time to talk gets to be difficult. It would require much work to keep order and things organized with everyone wanting to talk. Group discussions usually work best with smaller amounts of people, that way more people get to share something and everyone cooperates. Also, listening to students is almost always a positive thing, however you always risk a student adding an off-topic comment. And the risk of this happening raises with larger amounts of students. I’m sure that not all students are 101% correct when they feel like talking during a discussion. Having an educated teacher lead the discussion who knows what he or she is talking about is a more fool-proof version of operating discussions throughout the classroom.

      • Patrick says:

        I agree because having over a hundred students I think would be hard, and I also don’t think that her way of teaching is that good. and also I agree that the less students you have the easier it is to help each student and interact with them.

        • Mark says:

          Yeah Patrick I agree with because having 100 students would be a struggle. I am suprised that she can keep her temper.I would loose my temper trying to keep 100 students listening to me without goofing off

        • Patrick says:

          Mrs. Smith, my fourth grade teacher was my favorite teacher. She was nice, caring, respectful, and always had a smile on her face. She didn’t treat us like little kids and she taught us what we needed to know in the best way she could. Even when she had something important going on in her family she still came to teach us. She could memorize everyone of her students names. Sometimes she would let us do whatever we wanted to entertain us.

    • Tanner says:

      Mr. Lessek was, and most likely always will be, my favorite teacher. He was my seventh grade algebra and science teacher. He thought that students learned more if they were intere4sted in the subject we were learning. In science, we rarely did work out of the book, instead we had many labs in which we worked together or individually. We explored many complex hypotheses, some easier than others, yet as we did the labs we learned too. In math he showed us easier equations and shortcuts to solve algebraic problems. He helped us whenever we needed, and took time to make sure every student understood what the lesson was about. With a average class of fifteen students, it was easy for him to accomplish that. He also didn’t just give homework to keep us busy, he assigned it only if it was a difficult lesson or if the majority of the class didn’t understand the lesson. Sadly, he left to teach high school AP physics after we moved on to eighth grade. He had very good relationships with students, and liked to interact with them during lunches and sport games. Every quarter, the school had intermeiral games in which we had mini games during lunch, and teams would compete against one another. Mr. Lessek would join in the games, as would other teachers, with one certain team. I was very sad when I left Nido when i realized that i wouldn’t be seeing him any longer, yet I’m sure that he will reside in my memory forever.

    • Matt says:

      While attending 5th grade, in Germany, I had a teacher named Mr. Church. Although he could be crazy at times he was a very wonderful teacher. Also during class he told all these crazy stories about his childhood that made the class a lot easier to get through since it was language arts. Unfortunately it was his last year teaching at the school and was missed by everyone that was in his class. I remember one assignment were the class had to write a twenty page book and could only have few pictures. As if that wasn’t enough pressure to put on a fifth grader we also had to read the whole book to the class! In the end it was just a relief that I was able to finish the book and present it. Those are the reasons that Mr. Church has been my favorite teacher so far in my academic career.

    • Isaiah says:

      I found my favorite teacher was named Mrs. Grahm. She was a 2nd grade teacher. She was a very inspiring teacher and loved her job. Mrs.Grahm was never mean and never yelled. Coincidentally she liked to eat grahm crakers. Two years later I was shocked to find out that she had retired. Though I was sad-ish I got through it and kept on keeping on. I was happy that she was able to relax for once but I’ll never forget about her

      • Matt says:

        Awesome story, although I would recommend finding a better replacement for “Mrs. Grahm” rather than she as it began to become overused. Also adding more details would be awesome I really wanted to know more about your favorite teacher. Overall nice story!

    • Trevor says:

      Mrs. Batchelder sounds like a wonderful teacher to have. I would say that teachers shouldn’t talk at students but rather they should talk with them. I also agree that changing how she taught lessons was a better way to make them more memorable and enjoyable. I’m sure it took her quite a bit of time to grade each paper and give a meaningful response to everyones assignments.

  2. Snodgrass, Patrick says:

    Mr. Stewart is one of the best teachers, He makes the learning more exciting, He uses sarcasm. This teacher takes off some of his time to come and help his students in exploratory when they are struggling. He does not speak monotone and that makes it not as boring as it would be if he were monotone. I would strongly suggest for you to have this teacher. He has helped me a lot, and is a very nice teacher.

    • Brice says:

      I agree with your comment. Mr. Stewart is a very nice teacher, and he not only takes off his time during school, but after scool too. Mr. stewart does like to use sarcasm and other funny stuff to make the students laugh. Mr. stewart is a fun and a great teacher to have.

    • Isaac says:

      I agree, Mr Stewart reminds me of my favorite teacher. He keeps the classroom alive. He makes you want to come to class everyday. I think he teaches in a vary unique way that no other teachers do.

    • Austin says:

      Yes indeed Mr. Stewart is the greatest in history. I’ve had Mr. Stewart for ¾ of year and still can’t believe that everyone is going to leave him this year. He made everything dull come alive. Homework was fun and class work was fun. Mr. Stewart is the greatest.

    • Dominic says:

      I agree, he’s pretty awesome. He’s the only teacher i know who listens to the same music as me. He’s really good at teaching LA and S.S to me, but other teachers didn’t make much sense to me. I’d be scared if I got him angrty because of how tall he is. It’s really funny when he makes sarcasm with other students, but he too does it to me. He’s may also have the record for having the worlds largest mp3 player. It would be amazingly cool if Mr. Stewart could move onto teaching at my highschool, but the one he’s teaching is a great school too, so I would’nt be suprised if he stayed.

    • Matt says:

      I agree as well because of the fact that he does put life into the classroom and actually cares if the students are learning successfully.

    • Nicholas says:

      I fully agree with you, Mr. Stewart is a funny and friendly teacher, I have learned a lot from him and he makes learning language arts and social studies fun to learn about. I look forward to seeing him each day for class. By far, Mr. Stewart is one of the best teachers in Eagleview Middle School.

  3. Brice says:

    When I was in second grade I had one of the most kind, respectful, and greatful teachers I have ever had. Her name was Mrs. Webb. Mrs. Webb was a very great teacher, because in her class we felt like we were actually getting smart unlike some other teachers I have had. Mrs.webb tought me how to read and write better than I ever was able to before. When some one did somthing wrong, she spent her personal time to make sure that you were as smart as you can get in a second grade class. Mrs. Web was one my favorite teachers to be around, and to this day, i still beleive that she was tyhe teacher that tought me the most.

    • Brynn says:

      I find it interesting and humorous that we both had amazing second grade teachers. It may just be a coincidence but its cool all the same. I just wish more teachers could be like the ones we were able to enjoy when we were younger. I wonder if we have more interesting similarities and look forward to finding out.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree because I have had the same teacher and she is very nice. although most second grade teachers are nice because the students are so young.

  4. Brynn says:

    I was able to enjoy class with my second grade teacher, Ms. Davis. She listened to the students and constructed the lesson around us, not using a “one size fits all” curriculum. Also she understood and helped me through my Adhd, because she also had Adhd.
    I was transferred to her class due to issues with a stubborn teacher who ignored my adhd and diabetes. Ms. Davis accepted me with open arms and even gave me extra credit if i drew her something nice during free time. My friends and I would sit and draw during free time everyday making her something nice for her to put up over her desk.
    Ms. Davis made me have a better attitude towards school and a better outlook on life. I’d even go as far as to say I would not be myself if not for her.
    If I could have an impact on even one student like she did on me i would be ecstatic. I model myself after her and would like to be just like her.

    • Matthew says:

      Thanks Brynn,
      I agree that a teacher’s care and respect is so important. When a teacher can give you opportunities to be successful and work within possible limitations, you are going to want to work that much harder. This is true in the professional world to. I think I am always much more likely to work harder for someone who cares about me, and who I respect in return.

    • Anthony says:

      Ms. Davis seems like a good teacher. I have to admit that, even though I tend to enjoy more straight answers to problems, I do get annoyed when teachers believe that everyone in the class is at the same place. It is also nice when you can relate to a teacher. It is both mine and my English teacher’s first year here at Eagleview, which at the beginning made school just a little easier for me. The statement that you wouldn’t be who you are if not for her is a very strong one, and I must say gives me hope that one person really can make a difference in someone’s life. You should certainly consider yourself a lucky person for being graced with such an amazing teacher.

  5. Anthony says:

    In seventh grade, my math teacher, known as Mrs. Haass, was my most memorable if not favorite teacher. She made us as a class feel as if we were part of a society, like what we did and what we cared about mattered. She asserted her authority as an adult and a teacher, but found the balance between leader and peer. I could relate to her, and she could relate to us. When someone had a problem in class, he or she would know that it was okay to share with her.

    She also had a very interesting teaching style, early on in the year, it was more or less a, “You pay attention or you get a bad grade.” She didn’t stop everyone else from getting where they needed to be because of one or two morons in the class. She might allow them to talk, but it was always those kids who had to come back for a retake or tutoring. These two are among the many things that other teachers didn’t offer as often. Unfortunately, many of the students in her class didn’t quite appreciate her style of teaching, and still disobeyed the few simple rules she had placed. Around the third quarter, she started to lose her appeal as a teacher. Even though she seemed like what one might consider as a mean teacher, she always showed her kindness to some of those who she knew appreciated her kindness. Most of us that were in that class were glad we were, I do believe that it was one of my favorite teachers.

  6. Bret says:

    When I was in 4th grade I had my all time favorite, Mr. Mahoney. He impacted every student in the classroom in very many ways. He had a lot of control over the classroom, but he was nice when we were being good. He listened to what the students had to say and he pushed kids to get out of there comfort zone, but did not force them to. He did fun activities with us all the time to make the class more fun. He tried to make every person in the classroom a better person.
    Mr. Mahoney had my older brother 3 years before me and he was my brother’s favorite teacher too. Mr. Mahoney made every kid in the classroom a better person by making everybody know that with every action there was a consequence. He made the punishments bad too. Mr. Mahoney was a good teacher mostly though because he had been teaching for 15 years before me and is still teaching today.

    • Mollie says:

      When i was in 3rd grade i had the same experiance when i had a teacher my sister had the same one years before. Sometimes it was a good thing other times not so much. Sometimes i was Morgan not Mollie

    • Paige says:

      I really do enjoy the sound of your teacher. All in all that is very interested how Mr. Mahoney had your brother as well! I had never had my sisters have the same teacher as me ever! That must have been very cool. Your paragraph was very well written and I love your use of grammar.

    • Isaiah says:

      You have a great personality and your writing is just as great.

  7. Brandon says:

    When I was in fifth grade, I had a wonderful teacher name Mrs. Lemmon. She was very kind and open minded. When she taught she didn’t write things on the board and say to do the problem, she actually went step by step and expressed what she was teaching to us.
    Mrs. Lemmon sometimes answered questions with another question(Her question was so long that we forgot our regular question). She usually answered our ignorant and annoying questions with a smile and answer. When she answered a question she made the answer stick in your head. Some of those jingles made us so insane that it is still stuck with me today.
    No one really understood how great she was until we left her classroom and went onto Middle School.
    I still have to thank her for the wonderful impact that she has left in us.

    • Sam says:

      That sounds like it kinda hurt when you left her. But people you meet and then leave can have that effect on you. She sounds exactly like my third grade teacher. Very nice and explaining everything step by step.

  8. Isaac says:

    My absolute favorite teacher of all time was my third grade teacher, Ms. Potter. She could never could keep still for long and that kept the classroom alive. The students loved her and she loved us back. She made you want to go to school everyday to see what she would do next. I think my class and I learned over all how to be better students, test takers, and better people. She taught us all these things through humor and practical jokes, she will always be my favorite teacher.

    • Kyle says:

      Your third grade teacher sounds wonderful. She sounds like she has a lot in common with my third grade teacher Mr. Worly. I like how you say that she loved you back; you point out that she cared for you and your classmates.

      • Austin says:

        That’s a great comment, Isaac. I especially love the excitement you had each day to see Ms. Potter when you said, “She made you want to go to school every day to see what she would do next.” It’s great that you had a strong relationship with her too.
        I also acknowledge how she impacted you to become better students inside and outside of the school. I am very proud of your experience with Ms. Potter and your respect towards her shown in his comment.

  9. Mollie says:

    My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Berry, Impacted my life in many ways. She was the first teacher I had when I moved here from Kansas and made feel welcomed. When something was the matter with a student she would notice and pull them aside and listen!
    Mrs. Berry had kid our age so she new what we were going through and could connect to us. She was always caring and told us to follow our dreams. She was encouraging and the best teacher any one could have!

    • Bret says:

      I was not in elementry school in Colorado, but all of my friends who went to your elementry school told me that Mrs. Berry was the best! I agree that a teacher should listen to the classroom and take time to get to know each student better.

    • Cassandra says:

      I agree with your teacher reflection because I had a similar teacher to Mrs.Berry. When I moved to Texas she was first teacher too well of course i didn’t go to Kansas but she sound like a nice teacher

      • Hailey says:

        Mrs. Berry,
        I loved Mrs. Berry! She was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had too. Your right, she cared and was very encouraging. I’m glad that she was your first teacher here, hopefully she made you feel welcome. That class was fun, I’m glad that I met you there.

  10. Cassandra says:

    When I was in fifth grade, I was glad that I had Ms.McCormick she was a respectful teacher and loved by everyone, it is never a boring time in that class. Now I don’t know much about her since it been so long, but all I can say is she is hard working, listens to us when we need help, and if she has time she would have enough time to play a fun game with us. And something important she taught me was that she taught me a lesson that I’m not able to forget which is no matter what happens “ALWAYS” is yourself!
    She was always a considerate teacher she would always spend her time helping us and never rush us through things, always give enough time to do our assignments, lastly the funniest teacher you’ll ever meet in your entire life.

    • Christina says:

      Your teacher sounds exactly like mine. She was very helpful and was always so much fun to be with. Your teachers sounds like a really nice person, just like my teacher Mrs. Wilson.

  11. Austin says:

    Back when I was in 5th Grade, I had the privelage and a memorable experience of having Mrs. Lowry as my teacher and friend. She had an outstanding sense of humor along with a kind personality.
    Mrs. Lowry would make our education enjoyable, sociable, and learning. Her style of education was very unique and different compared to other teachers I had before in the past. She made all of us feel special and successful throughout the entire year.
    But above all, she was always ecstatic and positive. Giving us a warm welcome every day, it would sometimes even dissapoint me to go home after a day of school. Mrs. Lowry gave our class many memories and smiles, inspiring us to learn something new in our education and character.

  12. Jonas says:

    my favorite teacher of all time was my 3rd grade teacher mrs. Frew. she was the worlds greatest teacher because she filled the year with good memories while giving good teaching lessons. every day, we would play games to start the day and she would ask about our weekends and it was really cool. then as the day went on, we would go over a teaching lesson which was fine because her lessons were very laid back and not strict. so of all of my teachers that have set me up for life. it had to of been my 3rd grade teacher mrs frew because she was really nice and she taught me a lot.

    • Luke says:

      That teacher sounds amazing Jonus. That teacher sounds just like mine and your lucky that you played games no matter what in the morning. I am glad that you had a good teacher that was as cool as a friend would be. Good Job on your writing.

  13. Ashley says:

    My fifth grade year, I had my favorite teacher, Mr. Markewitch. Mr. Markewitch had a very unique way of teaching his fifth grade students. I’m sure everyone who has had him in the past years of school, would gladly go back to give him a friendly visit.
    Mr. Markewitch was different than any other teacher i had every had in my elementary school years. He mad each and everyday special, which made students much more egar to learn. He incorperated games and activities that were not only enjoyable, but knowledgable for students.
    In fifth grade it is very important to be heard and ecknowledged. It boosts confidence and and encourages kids to keep up the good work. Mr. Markewitch made sure to give each of his students an equal amount of encouragment and listening ears. He was a great and respectful teacher to all of his kids, and in return he has definetly earned my respect too. It was an honor to have had him as my fifth grade teacher.

    • Percy says:

      I agree with you, Ashley! We had a fun time that year and he always made us laugh. He was the best teacher in the whole wide world. Also, whenever the room smelled bad he sprayed his spunky orange spray!

    • Jamie says:

      It seems that Mr. Markewitch is an excellent teacher. I believe that in order to be a successful student, you must be heard and acknowledged.

  14. Sam says:

    Mrs. Leaf, my third grade teacher, was probably one of nicest people ive ever met. She knew how to handle little kids, especially twenty-five. She never got mad at anyone. She handled the situation with her quick wits and smarts.
    Mrs. Leaf would then teach me in fourth grade. She was the exact same as before. She had three kids that were about three years older than us, so she knew how we would behave. After fourth grade i was really looking forward to fifth grade. As soon as i walked through the door i knew that fifth grade was going to be terrible because of my teacher Mrs. B. She was mean and only liked certain kids, also known as “favortism”. She would then be fired the day before Spring Break. After Mrs. B, i learned that you won’t like every teacher and they might not like you, but you just have to perservere and get through it. Until next time Sam signing off.

  15. Nikolas says:

    I was in kindergarden when i had a wonderful teacher. Her name was Mrs. Sparks. She taught us how to count from one to ten. She also taught us how to color with crayons and make all sorts of creative activaties. Mrs. Sparks was the best teacher i had in all eight years of being in school. Hopefully I get a like this in the future.

  16. Mark says:

    My fifth grade year was a blast having Mr. Markewich as my teacher. Mr. Markewich was always helpful and willing to particpate in every challenge we were asigned.
    Mr . Markewich’s class was a warm and calming place. Everyday the room was a peaceful place and every once and a while a fellow student would get in trouble. Knowing that he had so many students; I was really suprised that he kept his temper very mellow.
    Mr. Markewich was always updating my peers and I with fulfilling information. We had this tickets that were based on the same idea as a soar ticket. Every time you would follow the rules and be respectful you would gain a ticket and at the end of the semester. I always had a good amount of tickets because i always looked forward for the drawing.
    that could win me a box of candy.
    I definitely reccommend Mr. Markewich as a great teacher for a student that likes to have fun

    • Madison says:

      I agree with you completely! Though I only had him twice a week he was the best! I enjoyed the word he he taught everyone Pernicious aphlubia, which means to cut the cheese. Overall, he was a great teacher I am very glad he still works there!

  17. Jamie says:

    My fifth grade teacher Mr.Greto, is my favorite teacher because of the way he taught his lessons. He didnt spend the whole day lecturing us, he passed the time by showing us. He also let us share and display our best and worst work. We were’t trapped inside a cold cell known as a classroom… we were taken outside to conduct expierements and solve math that at the time was extremely difficult. Now that I am out of his class I wish and hope that all teachers could teach like him.
    He excelled in many subjects (he had his masters degree in teaching)and realized that the only way his pupils could succeed is to teach them beyond the middle school level so that they could be prepared for everything and anything. he takes personal time to grade students work so that they have it back the next day. He also uses his time to help each student individually on the subjects that are a little rusty.

  18. 167290 says:

    Out of all the teachers I have had through eighth grade, my favorite teacher by far is Mr. Williams. I had the chance and privaledge to take his class in seventh grade. He was the greatest geography teacher I have ever had becaus he could draw out any country in the world so the class could get a better understanding of what the country looked like. No matter what region in the world we talked about he could perform that acsent as if he had been living in that country for his whole life. I got along with him better than any other teacher because we had so much in common in school and outside of school. His dauhters went to the same school and were in the same class as my little brother so I got to see him art my brother’s parent teacher conferences. Since he had to move to North Carolina we dont see each other but we play against each other on XBOX LIVE.

  19. Edward says:

    My sixth grade math teacher Mr. Bonayge was a teacher that made an impression on my middle school math career. When I came to middle school I hated math and wanted nothing to do with it. My thought possess was that math is useless and that I wouldn’t need to know how to add and subtract fractions or multiply and divide. I was being so arrogant. when I entered middle school I was going to blow off math and not care that was until I started math with Mr. “B” He made math fun and issued challenged us to work harder and told about personal stories to keep us from falling asleep during what is thought to be a boring class. He also helped us from using the word dude.

    • Hayden says:

      I agree with your comment. Mr. Bonynge was all in all my favorite teacher. Mr. B was chyallenging and made hios classroom a comfortable work ethic.

    • Austin says:

      Mr. Stewart is one of the best teachers, He makes the learning more exciting, He aslo uses lots of sarcasm, and fun in every little . This teacher takes is so extraordinary that he take his value teaching time to help students in need. He does not speak like a robot and his voice is always low or high or the middle never robot. If you would come to my school for 6th- 8th grade i would totally recomend Mr. Stewart.

  20. Britta says:

    My favorite teacher of all time was my second grade teacher, Ms. Heupel. She was always in a happy-go-lucky mood and she never lost her temper easily. One of my favorite activities that she let us do was every Thursday she would let us bring in an object or item for show and tell. So every Thursday she would chose a random table group and whom ever had something to share could go up to the front of the room and present their item. Another fun activity that Ms. Heupel would do was every week she would have a star student. So whenever there was a new star student they would have to fill out a few profile questions about themselves. Some of the questions were similar to, what’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite animal, or Do you have any siblings? Still to this day she still does those two things and I would know because I still go to my old school and visit my old teachers and she is one of them. Whenever I visit her it makes me grateful that she still remembers me to this day. I feel like a giant as I walk around the room because everything is so small.

  21. Madison says:

    A teacher that has a huge impact on me is my math and science teacher Mr. Asman. One of my many reasons that I relate to him is I quite enjoy the way he describes things. Something he said in the beginning of the year that has stuck with Percy an I all year was, ” There is only a few things that ruffle my feathers”. I also find his teachings very fun and less pressured. My buds an I find his witty attitude spunky and refreshing. Something that I do not like is when teachers call out students, and make them feel embarrassed. Luckily, Mr. Asman doesn’t do that. The final reason that I persue to be the most important is he understands his students.

    • Rudolph says:

      I agree with you Madison! Mr. Asman is a rather funny person and a great teacher. He is sometimes pushy but then sometimes he is fun and he jokes around with the whole class. He is a great teacher!

    • Paul says:

      I have to agree with everything. He relates to everybody in a different way. Also it is very true that his classes are very laid back. He lets all the kids have a fun time which is awesome.

  22. Hayden says:

    My Favorite teacher was in sixth grade…Mr. Bonynge. Mr. Bonynge was a great math teacher. Every other day he would talk to us and tell us scary stories. He also made math that year fun because he would always find creative ways to do homework and go over answers. I was always looking forward to going to school every day.

    • Tyler says:

      He looked kind of mean at first but i realized he was a good guy. Even if I did have a good teacher I wouldn’t want to go to school.

    • Sierra says:

      Having a fun teacher is always worth going to school for. It gives you something to look forward to.

    • Christina says:

      Mr Bonynge was the best teacher ever!! He always made class so much fun and made coming to school everday worth it. He was the funniest, and he always told the best stories, and I wish i could have him as a teacher again.

  23. Percy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Markewich. He has made a profound impact on me. Mr. Markewich was my 5th grade teacher. He was a jolly spirit and a nice person. His positive attitude gave the students positive attitudes, also. He taught me what a spontaneous combustion is, and many other things. All of my classmates always had a good time in his class. He took us on groovy field trips, assigned fun projects, made witty jokes, and taught us a lot. I believe that I learned a lot more that year than any other year. Mr. Markewich is an outstanding teacher.

  24. Tyler says:

    Prattville, Alabama, my third grade teacher Ms. Cook was a first year teacher which means she was some what unexpirenced and we had a little more freedom. She was the best teacher because of that and she was young and her personality was closer to ours and she looked good.

    • Tyler says:

      Her giving us freedom meant we could socialize more with friends and in science we did more experiments than we did work. We also celebrated each holiday with a big party. I forgot to mention this but, during the time she was teachin us she was working on a degree at Auburn University over the weekends

  25. Paige says:

    My all time favorite teacher ever was my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Burrell. She was a teacher that included every student and was always so full of energy and always so kind. One very memorable thing about Mrs. Burell was how she use to take us outside during our science class time to get us involved with the lesson which happened to be nature at the time. She was always trying to make up any excuse to get the whole class involved in the outside world.
    Mrs. Burrell had class pets in her room all the time. She would bring in catepillars and we would watch them transform from time to time. In one point of time she had brought three bunnies that were left my their mother and she took them in as class pets. We were allowed to once in awhile take them out of their cage and have them run around in the class room. We got to feed them carrots and play with them.
    Mrs. Burrell was always getting us out on field trips to D.C and other small towns in Virginia and in Maryland. She was always being so creative with her plans and always had us do kind things to our small little community that made an impact. She made us realized that anyone at any age was able to do anything at all and could make a difference, big and small.
    She was one great teacher and will always be in my memories.

    • Rex says:

      I wish my teachers brought in pets. I have never been in a class with pets. It is kind of sad.

      • Paige says:

        Oh really? Well in Virginia most of the elemenatary schools in the little town I lived in expected it to increase learning or something of that sort. Grades from Pre-school to fifth grade had pets to help learn the way of life. It was a lot of fun to get involved with animals at that age.

      • Nikolas says:

        Probably the reason why the teachers don’t have pets in their classrooms because of the pet might cause a distraction and the students might not get their work done during the classroom time that they have.

  26. Kyle says:

    When I was in third grade i had one of the greatest teachers in the world. His name was Mr. Worly. In third grade I only had one class, plus these classes called specials. Specials were basically exploratories. Well, Mr. Worly was a wacky teacher. If there was fly in the room and everyone was focused on the fly, Mr. Worly would jump up on the desks with a fly swatter and get the fly. Also, he was the funniest teacher I have had.

  27. Rex says:

    My fourth grade teacher has to be my favorite teacher. He enjoys the same hobbies as me. He plays football, he’s young, he loves to write, he even checks how I’m doing in school. He is always really funny. When I was in class one time, I was making fun of him and he came up behind me and started laughing. It was a sarcastic laugh but then everyone started laughing. Another time while he was reading a book to the class, I tried to stuff as many pretzels in my mouth that I possibly could. He saw me, with a whole bunch of pretzels in my mouth and he started laughing really hard. Everyone looked at me and started laughing too. It was very embarrassing but I never got in trouble.

    • Paige says:

      He sounds like a very great teacher! I other teachers could mess around just like that and be able to have a good laugh once in a great while. I wish I had that teacher.

    • William says:


      That post is hilarious. I think that shows more of your personality. This goes to show that you are nuts. Yet funny at the same time. This reminds me of my fifth grade science teacher. She would barge in on conversations during labs. She always had something to use as a come back if she was insulted. Most of the time it made the kid embarrassed. It was hilarious every time.


    • Seth says:

      Having a teacher that you can relate to is a great way to learn and enjoy school.

    • Sophie says:

      What a amazing teacher! It’s great that he could laugh with the students and not take everything so seriously. I agree with Paige, I wish I had that teacher too.

  28. Luke says:

    My favorite teacher was my second and fourth grade teacher. Her name was Mrs.Forazonda and i was so lucky to have her for two years. She was always in a happy mood everyday and i was one of her favorite kids she had so far she said. Another reason why she was the best teacher is because for the two years that i have had her, she never made me so the homework that i missesd while being sick! It was amazing! Also, almost every say if our class would behave she would read us a funny book called Uncle Johns bathroom reader and it was hilarious, and we played games! Lastly, if you needed to talk to her she was always there for you know matter what grade you are in. Even last year i went and talked to her and it was awesome! That is my favorite teacher that i have ever had and i hope that i have another like her.

    • Jordan says:

      She is my neighbor and a really nice person. Although I did not have her as a fourth grade teacher I still think she is really cool. She owns 3 four-wheelers, 2 dirtbikes, and bunch of jetskis. She is really awesome!

  29. William says:

    My favorite teacher is my teacher from Atlanta, Georiga. He was my fourth grade socail studies teacher. His name was Mr.- Tegrotanhaus. He was creative and never yelled. He gave us duthch mints as a prsent at the end of the first semester. his nickname was Mr. T or Mr. Totem poll. He was from Illinois and he said “I don’t really like cheese”. He made everyone laugh at least once during the weak. I had a great time in that class and miss going to it.

    • Shazad says:

      I think you’re on to a very good point, but try inserting how he teached, and how he made everyone laugh by, “I don’t really like cheese.” Please give us exsamples on how he made everyone laugh by it, and watch the spelling. Over than that, it pretty Great! Once i had a teacher like that. Mr. Dejeso, he teached math and made us laugh when someone fell asleep. He would slame a book on our desk, or ask a question to he/her if they where asleep. One time it happened to me on the first day of school, I hade a short slumber and he droped a book on the floor the whole class laugh. It was so funny i hade to laugh.

    • Kyle says:

      Your forth grade teacher sounds great. He has a long name just like my forth grade teacher, Mrs, Forhezandeh. Most of my teachers would make my classmates and I laugh, too.

  30. Gray, Christina says:

    My favorite teacher of all time would have to be my fifth grade math teacher, Mrs. Wilson. I dont enjoy math, but she found activities that where actually fun to everyone, and they were very helpful. She was always able to find ways to make math entertaining. She could explain any question you had, in a way that you could understand it. She would get to know you and that made class that much easier, and that is why she was my favorite teacher.

  31. Willis, Kelly says:

    When I was in sixth grade, I had a teacher that worked very hard to make sure that we learned as much as possilble, but also made sure that we were having fun at the same time. Her name was Mrs. Smith, and was very nice. Even though she gave us many of projects, I think that we learned better that way. We would get atleast one project a month and she would often give us work to do in class. Although we had alot that needed to be done, I think that we learned a whole lot better when had more wrote inside our planners. What she would usually do on a normal school schedule, was that she would teach us about the material for about one to two weeks than give us a worksheet or two to work on while in class. At the end of the month and or after we had finished leartning about the unit, she would assign the students a project that we would either work with a partner or by ourselves.

  32. Sierra says:

    One of my favorite teachers of all time was Ms. Kusunoki in my 7th grade year. She was my band teacher and played the clarinet like me. What kept me going to school every morning was the thought of going to band. That is why when we had block and didn’t have band I always dreaded school. She helped me get better on my clarinet but had fun at the same time. If there was an event that is band related, she would help me prepare for it. In class she was always smiling and having a good time. The band was always happy and cheerful because of her. I think it would have been fun to have her again this year.

  33. Shazad says:

    One of my most favorite teacher has to be Mr. Stewart. He helps us to learn ,and makes teaching cool(He gives advice to students, does activeties to uderstand the point, and is there for the student for help.) ,but I can see him get serious when the bad seeds in the class dread up the fun. Even though he has to be a hard shell because other students are making him angry, he has most up holded respect from his students and friends. I hope he can he continues to educate schools and so on so forth.

    • Steven says:

      You have great ideas about your teacher, but you could use some improvements. Some parts of you paragraph could use some fixing. For example, you said “He helps us to learn ,and makes teaching cool” you do not need the comma before the “and” in the sentence. You could also use some better sentence structure in your paragraph and it is also not seven to ten sentences. I hope some of this advice will help you in the future, but keep up the good ideas.

  34. Rudolph says:

    My favorite teacher was my Fourth grade, Oklahoma teacher named Mrs. Leibenau. She was one of the funniest persons I have met. If someone was talking, she would come up to the kid a say something like “I will shove this foot in your mouth and smack you if you don’t shut up.” She would also throw erasers (not hard enough to hurt) at kids when they were sleeping. She would never give homework and almost always teach class outside. She had long hair that stood up and she was fat so she looked funny. About two years ago, she came to my house in Texas and gave our family some food and spent some time with us. She was my favorite teacher and I was her favorite student.

    • Paige says:

      That was rather interesting to read Rudolph. I find that funny.

    • Willis, Kelly says:

      I also had teacher in Oklahoma. She was one my most favorite teachers. I can’t really remember much of her, because I was only five. What I do remember was that she was really nice to me and all of my other classmates. she had to have been one of my most favorite teachers ever!

    • Luke says:

      That was a great piece of writing Rudy. She sounds like a fun teacher. I hope that you didn’t get an eraser thrown at you.

  35. Steven says:

    When I was in forth grade I supposedly had the “meanest” teacher in the whole school, Mr. Von Villas. People always said that he would yell all the time and get mad very easily. It is funny how word of mouth can change so easily because it turns out that he was probably one of the best teachers that any child could have. Mr. Von Villas would always give us homework every night to help us improve our skills. The whole class thought that this was completely stupid. However, after the course of one quarter all of our academic skills improved by at least twenty-five percent. He also help people all the time whenever they would need it. One time our class was writing a report about a state on the computer and my paper got deleted somehow. Mr. Von Villas took the time to find my paper and after a week he found it the same way i left it. Although people might say you have the “meanest” teacher in the school, word of mouth might not always be true.

    • Isaiah says:

      What an inspiring and emotional story.

    • Matt says:

      I’m glad to see that you looked at his act of giving homework to the whole class every night from a further aspect and really understanding why you received an excess amount of homework.

    • Daniel says:

      When i read your story about this “Mr. Von Villas”, it reminded me of Mrs. Hussain. when i got my schedule in sixth grade, it said that i had Mrs. Hussain for Pag 7. many eigth graders at the time said, “oh, that sucks for you, Mrs. Hussain is really mean, and she gives huge homework assignments all the time.” at first, i was scared when i entered her math room on the first day, but it turned out she was really nice.

  36. Hailey says:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Matthews. Even though I have liked all of my teachers, I remember liking her class the most. She was a great teacher because she made class fun, where we didn’t have to sit in desks the whole entire day, and we learned in a creative way. She tought us everything a thrid grader should know, and we remembered it because of the way she taught, she had fun, and that made us have fun. Third grade is a year that I can and want to remember, because of her.

  37. Paul says:

    My favorite teacher was when I was in sixth grade and her name is Mrs. Ford. I had her only for a week and she was still the best teacher. She was a spanish teacher, she would always help kids right away. If you got a good grade in her class, she would give you candy. For the time I had with her, I learned a lot of spanish. If one of our lunch ladies came in. you would be able to hear them speak in only spanish. She is the best teacher I have had

  38. Seth says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr.Howard my 7th grade math teacher. He would Give us challenging problems of the week. I hated Them at first but eventually I liked them It was my Goal to have mine be the example at the end of the week. Mr.Howard Was a Very creative person, on halloween he dressed up in a very intresting knight costume. We celebrated pi by of course by eating pie and by seeing how much we could count of pi. All in all he was the best teacher of mine

    • Rex says:

      Mr. Howard was a really cool teacher. The thing that I liked about him was that all of the projects in the class were fun. I made a dog bone for the sizing project. Our class didn’t eat pie on pi day though.

      • Rudolph says:

        Mr. Howard was a good teacher because he was very patient. He never raised his voice once! The math Olympics in his class was a fun and creative way to teach math.

    • Jordan says:

      I had Mr. Howard too and i loved the projects that i recieved from him they were creative and allowed us to express math in ways that made algebra fun (which i s hard to do because algebra is boring) i agree, he is a great teacher.

    • Shazad says:

      Thats pretty good he gave you warm ups and you put so much effort to make it a goal for your work to become a example. Great job!

    • Paul says:

      Mr. Howard was an awesome teacher. He had the best projects and assignments in class. He also had the “Howard Store” and “Howard Bucks” that you would buy what ever you want.

    • Elijah says:

      mr. Howard was an awesome teacher. I know him because he used to come and sub for our math teacher at Mountain Ridge. He was a really cool guy he taught us stuff we never thought of. We were suprised at what he taught us.And he always kept us lauging.

  39. Riley says:

    When I was in second grade My teacher, Mrs. Pevoteoax (Peva-toe), was my greatest teacher ever. She was a great teacher because we had the greastest projects that everyone enjoyed. A few included our own butterfly exhibits, worm exhibits, fun animal writing prompts, and many fun trade days. She was quite a good teacher and she had a very good temper. Whenever we would do something bad, she would simply put our name next to a red light and we would get no priveleges that day. She was a fairly young teacher at the time so it was a new experience compared to the regular lessons of other teachers. I miss those years and the times my peers and I had with Mrs. Pevoteaox.

  40. Jordan says:

    I spent most of my elementary scool outside of Colorado. I have only been here in grade school for first and half of second grade then i took a four year tour since my dad is in the Navy. I went to Washington and then to Europe for two years but while i was in Sicily, Italy i had teacher name Mr. Roberts. Mr. Roberts was my favorite teacher because he had no problem expressing his humor and he did not care how other people viewed him. He was really goofy and sometimes overly optomistic. He also was really good at relating events through histor to real life events in both our life in the world. He constantly had lots of energy and was really goofy. I liked him a lot because he was always very open to advise oppinions and class discussions. For instance, one time i suggested to take a tour to a medievel castle located in a nearbye town since we were studying medievel life and ha was completely accepting of the idea and two days later we went on a field trip there.

  41. Nicole says:

    When I was in the 5th grade I had the most amazing teacher!!!! Her room was so alive and living. Her name was Miss. Peters she loves to joke around and always had a big smile on her face. Her favorite color was purple and she never lets us all forget it. Ever morning when I walked in to her room, I would forget ever thing that happened that morning and just have a really good day. We would act out S.S and math we always played games and would really help out our math and would do the same for spelling. Then to help our school our class would always have fundraisers, for example we did this thing where we would try and get a cow for the homeless shelter and the people that lived there so we would do a hat day or go around the school selling lollypops and or cookies. we ended up getting 3 cows for the homeless shelter and that added up to about $2,340 so after that we put our heads together and wanted to give them a pig so we rose more money and gave them 2 pigs and that added up to be about $1,000.we all had a blast with her she was different and she really want to standout and not just teach like other teachers but she wanted to get to know the kids she was teaching and learn how they learn. Anyone that knew her knew that she did not just care about her job but she but she also cared about us!

  42. Chloe says:

    As a 5th grade student you were one of the luckiest kids if you got Mr. Potter as a teacher. Mr. Potter was one of those guys that dedicated himself to his work. He understood you and all of your situations as if it had all happened to him. Mr. Potter taught me about the importance of others and self-respect. He was by no means and easy teacher. I had my moments were I was struggling and felt behind, But he was always there to take that 10 minutes out of his lunch to make sure I understood how he got the answer the math problem or how I could make my writing paper better. He came to class and treated us as people not as 5th graders who couldn’t change the world but as individuals who each were brought here for a different reason. Mr. Potter was young and he wanted more to life. He seeked adventure and brought excitement to the class. Mr. Potter was the one person I could trust and I loved being in his class.

    • Brittney says:

      Mr. Potter was a very nice teacher! I wish we could have him again. He was very nice and understanding about everything, just like my favorite teacher.

  43. Sophie says:

    Although my opinions may change due to the great teachers I have now, my favorite teacher is Mrs. Durck from third grade. She was the most involved teacher I’ve ever had. She would take the time to be there when we needed her and encouraged our creativity. We would have ‘auctions’ every week, which would allow us students to bring in cool and fun items to auction off for tickets. We could buy better things with more tickets, and we could name our starting price on the items we auctioned off. Being third graders activities like this would excite us. One assignment I will never forget is the stuffed animal project. This assignment required us to bring in a stuffed animal to show to the class, and write a paragraph about it. I have always loved to write since I was very young, and given this opportunity really applied to my highly creative side. All the kids in my class had a lot of fun with this, and I always worked harder on these assignments. Mrs. Durck was always in a happy mood, she was always patient and would talk to us as equals and treat us with respect. She genuinely cared for her students, and that’s what made me rank her as my favorite teacher. At the end of the year, something that really made us know that she was a special teacher was when she assigned us to write at least one nice thing about each person in the class anonymously. Each student got a huge poster; on each line was a sentence saying something kind about that certain student, and one sentence about how each student was unique from Mrs. Durck. I know some of my old classmates from third grade, and we still talk about how much those posters and little sentences really meant to us. So if I ever see her again, I will thank her, for having such a huge impact on my life and making me a better person.

  44. Nikol says:

    A teacher I look at as a human form of the giving tree is my kindergardener teacher, Mrs.Meadows. She had patience like a fisherman and understanding just like Mother Teresa. Never did she hurt a student with her words but ceressed them gingerly and made them feel as if they were as special as a catapiller blossoming into a vivacious butterfly. My times in there were amazing that it was as if a nuclear bomb went off and burned the memories into my brain. She cared for her students as if they were fragile glasses being pushed to the edge were we would start our life as growing children. Giving me education and storing it well into my brain so when I fell I would be ready for eveything. Wandering around giving me supplies when I needed it just as the tree did to the little boy. Mrs.Meadows was fabulous teacher that was the human form of the giving tree.

  45. Carmine says:

    My first year at Eagleview I had a L.A. teacher named Mrs. Malloy. She was the first teacher I had in the morning and the last in the evening. If I was having a bad day she would always make me smile. Once I had a missing assignment and I had to come in at lunch. I was didn’t want to miss lunch but after I had so much fun that I came in the next day. She was really good at helping people remember things and made learning things fun. I still remember when we learned about the Greek Gods like Zeus and did plays. She has been the best L.A. teacher, BESIDE MR. STEWART.

  46. Nicholas says:

    I remember a teacher from the fifth grade named Mrs. Murphy. She was a memorable teacher for her qualities and way of teaching. The discussions in class were very interesting and exiting because she didn’t just preach to us boring notes. Rather she did reviews with us and let us share our opinion for a topic we could control and learn off of ourselves. She let the students control their learning for which the most part, turned out well. She even encouraged creativity in our work opposing to following instructions and guide lines that take away people’s ability to create their own work. Mrs. Murphy had the capability of being a tremendous teacher. It was a very inspiring class and if I could have her again, I definitely would.

  47. Daniel says:

    Bck when I was in fourth grade, i had a teacher named Mrs. Suzuki, who taught math and L.A. in the Talented and gifted program, a.k.a the tag program. She had quite a few different methods of teaching, both hands on activitities, and writing down stuff in our books. she also lived in Japan for a few years, so she was always linking our work to different customs there, which was very interesting, as well as bringing in soda and sushi if we aced a test. she was a kind teacher,who taught a wonderful class, and if I had the option to take her class again, I would.

    • Valerie says:

      I have to agree with you, Mrs. Suzuki was an amazing teacher with wonderful teaching metods. She has the best ideas for projects and writing assignments, and your writing does a good job of telling about her teaching styles.

  48. Brittney says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Freach at Trailblazer Elementry School. She was a multi-age teacher which was first and second grade. I had her for second grade. She always did fun little activities for us to do. The thing I remember the best thing she did was make an amazon forest outside of our pod. We got to make our own plane ticket and suit cases. Every day our homework was to read for thirty minutes, and if you did you would get Poohbear money. On Friday you would be able to buy things that we wanted. I would have her class again and again if I could!

  49. Valerie says:

    Through my fourth and fifth grade years, I had an amazing teacher named Mrs. Suzuki. She was the coordinator of the talented and gifted program (TAG) at my school. She had the best ideas for projects, writing assignments, and units. One of my favorite things to do with her was calandar reaserch. Calandar reaserch was when she gave you a specific day to reaserch and write a paragraph on every month. You would draw a picture that went with the topic and paste it to the front of your paragrah. After you had shared, Mrs. Suzuki would staple them to the calandar above her desk! Mrs. Suzuki was most definitely my favorite teacher, because of all of the creative activities we got to do in her class every day.

  50. Heather says:

    When I as in fifth grade at Foothills Elementary I had a teacher named Ms. Peters. She had to be one of the nicest teachers and cared for all her students. Her room was easy to learn in and had many posters you could learn from. When she taught the class she let everyone into the conversation and put in their ideas. She would take us outside and other places different from the classroom to help us learn in places other than the classroom. She always kept everyone interested in the subjects she was talking about.

  51. Zachary says:

    My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, making us laugh every day. However when he got serious, then it meant it was to get back to work or to get us into learning then laughing every five seconds. When he got injure about a motorcycle accident, we were really shock and frighten that our teacher would die. But he didn’t so we got happy again.

  52. Janelle says:

    Whom I believe is undeniably and unquestionably the most amazing and enjoyable teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of being instructed by is undoubtedly Mr. Worley. He always made sure that every pupil in the classroom was able to learn at his/her own pace, but still kept the class moving at a reasonable rate. Somehow he was able to make the dreariest, monotonous and Mind-numbingly uninteresting subjects, and turn them into the most Attention-grabbing and mesmerizing thing you’ve ever heard. He always makes sure that everyone in the room is paying attention. I remember a time when there was a fly going crazy in our room, and no one could tear their eyes from it. Eventually, Mr. Worley noticed this and ventured over to his desk in the back of the room. He grabbed a fly swatter, and for at least ten minutes, he was literally leaping and lunging at it attempting to get the fly. Everyone loved it. These are few of my many reasons for loving my 3rd grade teacher Mr. Worley.

  53. Rachel says:

    I believe that my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Cavanaugh, was my favorite teacher. She had the best ideas for projects and writing assignments, she made my fourth grade class very fun and exciting. If I was having a bad day she would always make me smile. I really hope that I have another teacher like that so I can learn better because i have a teacher that I really like. Those are some of the reasons that Mrs. Cavanaugh was my favorite teacher.

  54. Elijah says:

    When I was in 8th grade iwas in a humannaties class that talked about other countryies history instead of our own. the teacher that taught the class was Mrs. Hicks. she taught me the most history I ever learned from one teacher. I learned so much in one quarter that I aced the CSAP test. But she also taught us to be respectful and kind to others. She let students sit togehter and work in teams. I never liked th idea of working with people mostly because I never got to. Mrs. Hicks had a huge amount of respect for us and most students had the same amount of respect for her. I was finaly happy with my grades. I always stayed after with my friends to hear more about what she had to say about what we were studying. And I always had free time to do what iwanted till we moved on.

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