In the style of William Stafford, post your “Things I Learned Last Week” poem here. Below is Stafford’s poem:

Things I Learned Last Week
– by William Stafford

Ants, when they meet each other,
usually pass on the right.

Sometimes you can open a sticky
door with your elbow.

A man in Boston has dedicated himself
to telling about injustice.
For three thousand dollars he will
come to your town to tell you about it.

Schopenhauer was a pessimist but
he played the flute.

Yeats, Pound, and Eliot saw art as
growing from other art. They studied that.

If I ever die, I’d like it to be
in the evening. That way, I’ll have
all the dark to go with me, and no one
will see how I begin to hobble along.

In The Pentagon one person’s job is to
take pins out of towns, hills, and fields,
and then save the pins for later.

11 Responses to “Extra Credit: Post your “Things I Learned Last Week” poem here!”

  1. Patrick says:

    California has little towns to buy stuff
    china town has all kinds of china shops

    either big or little you can find almost
    every kind of food from china there is

    California even has a Mexican town for people
    Etlest one hundred wallets and clothes

    different designs, more choices
    Mexican restaurants are everywhere

    I never knew California had that
    they even have farmer markets

    all kinds of food, most have accents
    I could barely understand them but I got used to it

    They had a lot of samples
    that they tried to pursuade you to eat

    I learned not many people get to see california

  2. Madison says:

    Adoption fairs with furry pets and friends
    The fun never seems to end

    Early morning packing for Vail
    I sure do hope it doesn’t hail

    Fancy dining with dressy clothes
    I look outside to see white snow

    Early morning rise, to get on my skiis
    Half way down I hit a tree

    So tired I could barely walk
    Now get ready to talk,talk,talk

    Time to pack and go
    I’m so ready for my home

    Spring break was great, filled with laughs and Fun
    Now time for schoot, I have to run

  3. Steven says:

    The Things You Do.

    So many people.
    adopting animals
    can make a big difference in their lives.

    I never knew that a movie could be so great
    that it can mess with your mind and make you think different.

    Walking my dog as slow as can be
    he can jolt fast at other animals
    as crazy as he can be

    Building a tower on a computer program
    I never knew that I had architecture skills.

    Getting ready to go on a mini vacation
    I help my family pack for the four days of fun.

    Driving many hours to our hotel
    We see much wildlife as we go through the mountains.

    Taking many lessons can help with anything.
    Including snowboarding which i finally know how to do well.

  4. Rex says:

    Grandmas have a tendency to stall you before you leave their house or before they leave yours.

    If you heat your coffee up for 20 seconds in the microwave and you drink it, you will burn your tongue.

    In my family. sons make good walking sticks for their injured mothers.

    The tops of strawberries are hollow.

    There are seven wonders of the world.

    The common zebra has twenty-six stripes per side.

    My sister says “dude” way too much.

  5. Paige says:

    Is it us or mother nature that is starting to show us her dangerous side, her side to teach us lesson about the damages we are doing to her.
    Lions leave a harsh life through the dessert there in Africa. First it starts off by having a baby, then find food, starvation, lose of fur, death… Tragic.
    The drive through New Mexico may seem ugly, boring, and;or ugly to you but once you look past that you see true beauty
    Tombstone was not only a rough time but so full of history it made me want to scream with joy like a little child on Christmas morning.
    Older vehicles are a huge part of our history. Each and everyone has a story that is worth telling whether for an event it has been in or it’s beauty.
    Once you start off on your journey home all you want to do is get home. No stops. Just to keep rolling.
    Wear groovy long socks while roller skating because you will get some big old cuts on your shins from the rough material.

  6. Friedman, Daniel says:

    Driving on the road for hours, just for the skiing at winter park.
    I was glad when the drive is over, but when i think about it a day, week or month later, I see that true beauty lies in the rocks, the snow, gleaming with sunlight. the trees however, were ravaged by a plague known as the pine beatle. they have turned mighty forests into dirty, ugly clumps. the next morning, we rush around to get ready for a day i have been waiting for. the day was the first of spring, which meant the first day of the best skiing you could ask for a.k.a spring skiing. corn snow everywhere, no one on the mountain because many had to work. I discovered that when spring hits, so did my skills as a skiier. flying down the mountain, yelling “try to keep up” to my sister and dad, all while my life flashed before my eyes before I hit a tree. another thing that happened though, is that we all had a moment of silence for a family friend. it is always good to talk to people if they are having troubles

  7. Brandon says:

    People have tensions,
    people have anger,
    people have limits.
    Is it really true that rolling stone gathers no moss?
    I’ve seen people move and still get trash!
    Life is always moving,
    so why not a break?
    I was told one day that breaks are good,
    stoping and taking a breather is better,
    it’s time to stop,
    it’s time to relax!

  8. Patrick says:

    electricity has loses electrons as it goes through the chord
    The battery is what pushes the electrons through the wire
    travels through the wire into the light bulb
    causing the light bulb to produce light
    If the battery has two high of a voltage, it can ruin the battery because the electrons are moving so fast that it is using up the battery
    So for example a battery that has 1.5 volts can quickly go to 0.2 volts
    I just think it is interesting how electricity works

  9. Patrick says:

    Mr.Stewart, what a great singer
    I watched the rockband show they had and at the end, the teachers played the video game
    Wow he even got the pitch of the song right
    His voice sounded like he could be a professional singer
    If you ask some other people, well most of them didn’t want to stay and missed out on the best part of all
    I didn’t see a single time that he missed a word or even didn’t have the right pitch
    he was on top of it throughout the whole song
    I have no idea why people left,m but they did
    Even looking away from the screen, he could still do it

    • Patrick says:

      Well “Patrick” you accidently put an “m” on the second to last line
      I think you could do better than that.
      Maybe in the future posts, revise what you say before you actually click “Submit Comment”. otherwise your post is good

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